October 7, 2023

Kottayam to Frankfurt: My Nursing Ausbildung Admission Journey

By Alan Saji

Hello, readers! My name is Alan, and I am thrilled to share my incredible journey of securing admission to the Nursing Ausbildung programme in Frankfurt, Germany, all thanks to the invaluable support of PingMe Study Abroad. If you are an aspiring student who wants to study abroad, I am confident that my experience will provide valuable insights and assistance for your endeavours.

Check Alan's video about the admission procedures for Nursing Ausbildung.


Discovering the Dream

Growing up in Pala, Kottayam, my heart was set on studying abroad after completing my schooling. I sought guidance from my uncle in Germany, who highlighted the abundant opportunities for nursing students in his country. It was then that I decided to pursue a career in nursing.

I knew the procedures were a lot to handle on my own. Recognising the complexity of it all, I turned to educational consultancies. That's when I discovered PingMe Study Abroad. It was through them that I got to know the intricacies of the ausbildung programme in Germany.


Language Requirements & First Steps

Learning German language for studying in Germany

German language proficiency is an important requirement of the ausbildung programs.

Through the agency, I found out that an important requirement for joining an ausbildung programme is German language proficiency. Ausbildung courses are dual study programmes, meaning that you will attend lectures at a vocational training school and receive training at a German company. Here, the lectures will be in German, and most of the communication at the workplace will also be in German. Hence, having a decent knowledge of the German language is compulsory.

Understanding the importance of a German language certificate, I enrolled in a German language course while PingMe initiated the processing of my application. With dedicated classes and rigorous exams, I achieved the B2 level, a significant milestone in my journey. Having received my B2 certificate, I applied to a prestigious hospital in Frankfurt, with PingMe arranging an appointment for my first interview.


Overcoming Challenges

Nursing Ausbildung

There are abundant opportunities for nursing students in Germany.

The road to success was not without hurdles. Following my initial interview, which I cleared just fine, there were further evaluations. A written exam and a challenging in-person interview in India tested my skills and determination.

While the written exam was not much of a hassle, I was quite nervous about the face-to-face interview. However, when I met them for the interview, they made me feel very comfortable and spoke very freely to me.

Thanks to PingMe’s unwavering support and the training they provided for the interviews, I persevered, ultimately securing the offer letter for the nursing ausbildung programme.


The Internship Challenge

However, another challenge awaited me- an internship requirement. Since there were a couple of months between the end of my interviews and the start of my classes, my institute in Germany suggested that I do a one-month internship at a hospital in India. It was quite difficult for me to find an internship, as most hospitals don’t usually accept plus-two students as interns.

With time ticking away, finding a suitable internship seemed daunting. I contacted the agency, and PingMe helped me secure an internship at a reputable hospital. Under the guidance of a skilled doctor, I delved into the world of nursing, gaining first-hand experience of everything. This internship cemented my passion for nursing.


Visa Documentation & VFS Interview

Just when I thought the hard part was over, a visa hiccup threatened to delay my journey. While my peers received their VFS dates, I found myself stuck due to a technical glitch. My classes were to start in October, but I could not find a VFS appointment any sooner than mid-October.

PingMe’s proactive approach saved the day. They swiftly arranged a visa appointment for me, ensuring I stayed ahead of schedule. With their meticulous assistance, I submitted my documents stress-free, leading to the prompt approval of my visa.

I must stress how impressive the documentation team at PingMe was! When I submitted my documents at VFS, the officer there remarked that everything was so well-organized. Surely, they must be seeing plenty of visa applications every day, and for her to make that remark, it must be really well done. I think these are the things that you take for granted.

A couple of days later, I received an email stating that my passport had been dispatched. Within another couple of days, I received my visa in hand to start my studies in Germany.


Gratitude and Rewards

My ausbildung experience

Whenever I came across an obstacle I approached the agency, and they were quick to offer solutions.

As I prepare to embark on this life-changing adventure, I want to express my deepest gratitude to PingMe Study Abroad. Not only did they facilitate my academic dreams, but they also paved the way for unexpected perks. Thanks to my placement in a top-tier hospital, I received a complimentary flight ticket to Germany and study gadgets like a laptop.

If you are joining an ausbildung programme, make sure you enquire with your employer or training institute regarding free laptops or iPads. The top institutes provide them for their apprentices free of charge.


Affordability and Accessibility

Study in Germany for Indian Students

I must highlight PingMe’s affordability. Their service charges are reasonable, catering to the average person’s budget while providing exceptional services.

In conclusion, my journey with PingMe Study Abroad has been nothing short of extraordinary. Their unwavering support, professionalism, and commitment to my success have transformed my dreams into tangible achievements.

Whenever, during my application process, I came across an obstacle that started to weigh me down, I approached the agency, and they were quick to move the weight off my shoulders and offer solutions that put me right on track to realise my dreams.

If you, too, dream of studying abroad, PingMe offers a seamless, affordable, and accessible pathway to turn your dreams into reality.


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