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"It is my passion to serve aspiring students in their journey and that is what drives me every day. "

My experience of studying in Germany for my master’s degree in Computer Science had really opened my eyes to a world that was unknown to me. My journey as an Indian student studying abroad in a country like Germany which is known for rigid natives and tough language has inspired me for this journey in helping aspirants like me. I know that a lot of students dream of studying abroad and settle there to achieve their life goals no matter what the financial situation may be. I know the hurdles of every such student either because I have grown through that or have seen my friends going through that. Pingme Study Abroad is born from the amalgamation of such experiences in the previous years of my life as a student abroad. My message to every student reading this who wants to pursue your dream is that, no matter what your circumstances are, no matter where you are from or who you are, if you really have the fire inside to chase your dreams, the universe will conspire for you and will bring them closer to you. And our mission is to be with you as a friend in your journey to success by giving you the assistance wherever needed.Just like the world is changing rapidly, we understand that change is inevitable in every walk of life and therefore, we make sure that we think futuristic and stay on edge of the technology and fully utilize every opportunity to deliver the best for you. Our vision is to become the best consultant in the field of visa services with the utmost importance on producing 100%, satisfied students. Our slogan is “You deserve the best!” and this is what drives us every morning of our life. When we live in a world, where the mass follows what is viral, individuality is lost and fakeness becomes the new reality. But the truth is every individual is different and unique; there is no one fit solution for all and we understand that which is why we strive to find the best career option for you based on your individuality.With the help of a highly efficient and smart team, we are motivated to make the visa service process as efficient and optimized as possible.I would like to wish every student greater success and all the joy in the world along this journey to a brighter future!!


August , 2019

Uma Vivek

CEO, Pingme Study Abroad

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