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It can be confusing which country to choose for your studies abroad. You will need to learn a lot about each of the possible countries and the educational systems before making a decision.That’s why PingmeStudyAbroad, the leading Europe study visa consultants has set up a useful guide about the top study abroad destinations


Study In Italy

The reason why Italy became prominent through study abroad consultants as a good place to study is mainly that there are plenty of universities that you can choose from. Moreover, options for sightseeing and tasty food attract a lot of people, Italy has an affordable cost of education. 

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● Affordable tuition fees and living costs

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Both the living expense and the tuition fees are pretty lower in Italy compared to the other counterparts of Europe. Therefore, students can enjoy all the privileges at an affordable cost.

● Plenty of attractions and entertainment for international students

Italy has some of the great cities of art such as Rome, Venice, and Florence. They have been attracting visitors for centuries. Italy’s landscapes are very attractive with beautiful coasts, Alpine lakes, and mountains. Overall, it is a sweet and memorable treat for study abroad students.

● Variety of scholarship opportunities

Low tuition fees and living expenses are the key attraction of study in Italy for Indian students. Still, you have the chance to apply for scholarships like ERASMUS or private scholarships.

  • Italy is one of the most popular artistic attractions in the world.
  • Italy has some of the most beautiful cities in the world, which attracts many visitors with historical importance.
  • The University of Bologna is the biggest pride of Italy as it stands in the list of oldest universities in the world.
  • Italy has some amazing landscapes which include alps mountains, lakes, beaches, vineyards, islands, and a beautiful coastline. Overall Italy is a great destination for tourists too.
  • Italy has the highest number of UNESCO world heritage sites, and the whole country is very popular for its culture and historical importance.
  • Many of the globally popular brands such as Ferrari, Barilla, Gucci, Prada, Armani, Versace, Lamborghini, Fiat, Ducati, and Nutella are from Italy.

Both the living expense as well as tuition fees in Italy are pretty lower compared to the other counterparts of Europe. Therefore, students can enjoy all the privileges at an affordable cost.

Average tuition fees in a public university is around 850 – 1000 euro/year

Average tuition fees in a private university is around 6000 – 20,000 euro/year

Adding accommodation, transportation, food, and entertainment, a student can live on 1000 EUR/ month quite luxuriously – and that’s for Milan and Rome, two of the biggest cities in Italy.

For cities like Bologna, Bolzano, and Florence, expenses may come between 650 and 800 EUR/ month.

To get a better picture, you should know that some of the prices you will find in shops and restaurants are:

  • A loaf of bread: 1.5 EUR;
  • A meal in a restaurant: 15 EUR;
  • A one-way ticket for local transportation is 1.5 EUR;
  • Rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the center is 550 EUR.

The application process in Italy is a little bit complicated. You have to contact the university you are interested in with your documents to check if you are eligible for the program or not. They will do a preliminary assessment and gives you feedback about your eligibility.

Some of the documents required for supporting your application are:

  • Your ID
  • Passport-size photograph
  • CV
  • Academic certificates
  • Letter of motivation
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • A detailed description of the study program or curriculum which contains subjects and hours spent
  • University Application form
  • Language proficiency certificates
  • Your portfolio if you are applying for architecture, urban planning, and design programs
  • Official SAT or ACT scores

You can prove your language proficiency by providing the following certificates:

  • Cambridge

We know that documentation and visa services are a very complicated process for you. But don’t worry, Pingme has successfully admitted many students in famous Italian universities. Call us today!

Some of the popular study options in Italy are:

  • Economics
  • Area and Cultural Studies
  • Architecture
  • International Relations
  • Fashion Design
  • Business Administration

There is also a huge list of top-rated universities in Italy.
Some of the highly recommended universities for international students are:

  • Free University of Bozen-Bolzano
  • IULM University – Milan
  • Rome Business School
  • MIP Politecnico di Milano
  • Domus Academy
  • SDA Bocconi School of Management

Intakes & Deadlines

The first academic year generally starts in the month of September and October while it ends in January or in February. However, the second semester starts in February and lasts in July. Most undergraduate program application period is from July to September. The application period of postgraduate admissions for open admissions is October – November.

If you are confirmed as eligible for Italy student visa, you have to submit a pre-application request at the Italian embassy or consulate in India. Because they are the ones, who will carry on the processing further, by the end of August, students can find a list of candidates admitted to the universities on the embassy’s or consulate’s page.

Documents required for visa

  1. Valid passport (with at least 2 blank visa pages, and should be valid for at least 3months after the projected completion of the study program)
  2. Recent passport-style photographs
  3. Duly accomplished the visa application form
  4. Letter of admission to a university in Italy
  5. Copy of flight tickets to and from Italy
  6. Certification of no criminal record
  7. Proof of language proficiency (in Italian or English, depending on the language of instruction to be used in your study program)
  8. Proof of financial capability (minimum of €450 or $515 per month)
  9. Proof of accommodation arrangements in Italy
  10. Medical insurance (€150 or $171 for the first academic year)

Receipt of application fee payment

Financial requirements

All applicants should deposit the minimum required money in a blocked account, which is  515€ per month. However, many students deposit more amount to increase the chance for visa approval.

Visa fee

The visa fees will be 50€.

Processing time

Processing time for all the processes will be 3-4 weeks.

After completing your studies in Italy, you can start searching for good jobs. If you are comfortable with working in Italy, you will find easily find several high paying jobs in the country. You can get plenty of jobs in the country with English proficiency. However, if you learn the Italian language and get qualified for it, you will have a lot more career opportunities in Italy than English only candidates. Anyways, it is highly dependent on your choice of profession. Otherwise, you can use Italian certificates to apply in reputed organizations and employers in other countries too. Students can apply for a work permit at the local immigration office in Italy.

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