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Au Pair Visa for Germany

Are you an adventurous young person looking to experience a new culture, enhance your language skills, and become part of a warm and welcoming family? Look no further!

The Au Pair Visa program offers a unique opportunity for individuals aged 18 to 27 to join a German family and assist with childcare and light household tasks, all while immersing themselves in the rich tapestry of Germany's traditions and language.

What is an Au Pair?

Au pairs are enthusiastic individuals welcomed into families, where they contribute to the household by assisting with childcare, light housework, and more.

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The main goal is to foster a cultural exchange, helping au pairs improve their German language abilities and understand Germany better.

Au Pair Responsibilities

As an au pair, your primary duties will include:

  •  Watching over and accompanying children to school, events, or engaging in activities with them.
  •  Performing light housework, maintaining a clean and orderly home, and managing laundry.
  •  Preparing simple meals and breakfast.
  •  Caring for pets, ensuring their well-being.

Please note that au pairs are not responsible for tending to the sick or elderly within the host family.

Duration of Au Pair Relationship

The au pair experience lasts a minimum of six months and can extend up to one year. It's important to note that re-hiring of au pairs, even if the one-year term is not completed, is not allowed.

Work and Free Time

Au pairs generally work up to six hours daily or 30 hours per week, with room for occasional flexibility through prior agreement. Overtime will be compensated with time off. Au pairs are entitled to one and a half full days off per week, with at least one Sunday off per month, plus four free evenings.

Holiday and Compensation

Au pairs engaged for a full year are entitled to four weeks of paid holiday. Compensation, often referred to as "pocket money," amounts to 280 euros per month, regardless of the hours worked. Travel expenses to and from the host country are generally the responsibility of the au pair.

Housing and Language Courses

Host families provide free housing, including a private room, and shared meals. Au pairs are also entitled to participate in a German language course during their free time, with the family contributing to the cost.

Au Pair Visa Checklist For Indian Applicants

Watch our video on the Important Documents required while applying for an Au Pair visa.

To embark on this exciting journey, ensure you have the following documents ready:

  •  Valid passport with at least 12 months validity and two empty pages.
  •  Completed application form and declarations.
  •  Copy of passport’s data page.
  •  3 passport photos meeting biometric specifications.
  •  Au Pair contract with a German family and completed questionnaire.
  •  Informal invitation letter from the German family.
  •  Proof of German knowledge (A1 Level).
  •  Birth certificate with an attested English translation.
  •  Demand draft or cash for visa fees.

Become an Au Pair!

If you meet the age requirements and are ready for a transformative cultural experience, apply for the Au Pair Visa today! Embrace the opportunity to expand your horizons, learn a new language, and become an integral part of a German family. Your adventure awaits!

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