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Have you ever heard of blocked account Germany before? It is a must for pursuing your higher education in any of the German universities. If you are doing it yourselves, it will be a hectic process for you. However, you don’t worry when Pingme Study Abroad is at your service.

Germany stands as one of the most preferred studies abroad destinations for people from India. It is because most of the public universities in Germany do not charge any tuition fees from the students and possess high standards in terms of syllabus and the quality of education. That’s why everyone dreams of joining a reputed university in Germany. However, you still have to start a blocked account in Germany to get your university admission.

Blocked account Germany can be defined as a closed bank account with monthly withdraw limitations in simple words. This is made to ensure that the student has the basic money to pay up the essential needs such as accommodation, food, and other expenses. This is a guarantee for the university that the student will complete the course without any issues. You will have to possess an admission letter from a German university to start a blocked account in any of the supported banks such as Kotak Mahindra and Deutsche bank.

Starting September 1, 2019, Germany has set, €10,236 for an entire academic year in a blocked account. This amount translates to €853 per month. In Indian rupees, you will have to deposit around 8 lakh rupees in a blocked account. This amount is used for paying the essential things such as accommodation, living expenses, and travel costs. However, your monthly maximum withdrawal limit will be set to €853 per month.

This is a mandatory requirement for all kinds of education in Germany for international students. It includes several documentation and applications to get the account approved. However, Pingme makes it easier for students to open a Germany blocked account.

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