Mechatronics Ausbildung

If you are an engineering enthusiast, the Ausbildung program in Mechatronics might be the right choice for you. Build your career in automotive, aerospace, or manufacturing industries of Germany.

Mechatronics Ausbildung

Germany's R&D industry is one of the best in the world. The ausbildung program in mechatronics is your doorway to being a part of this excellent industry.

The field of mechatronics integrates computer, electrical, and mechanical engineering to develop sophisticated systems used in manufacturing, aerospace, and automotive industries. It will be your responsibility to design, construct, and properly maintain these systems as a mechatronics technician.

Minimum Academic Qualification : Plus-two

German Language Proficiency : B1/B2 Complete Modules

Tuition Fees : None

Duration : 3 Years

Stipend : Available, around €800/month in first year

The ausbildung program will help you become a skilled mechatronics technician. A mechatronics technician is a multidisciplinary professional with a background in computer science, electronics, and mechanics.

To guarantee efficient operation and maximum output, they typically work in the manufacturing sector and operate and maintain complex machinery and systems. In the present world, the demand for mechatronics technicians is rising, especially in the automotive and aerospace industries.

  • Creating, building, setting up, and looking after machines and systems to make sure they work well
  • Testing and finding problems with equipment, then fixing them
  • Making plans to keep machines working and lasting longer
  • Working with engineers and others to solve issues and improve machines or systems

The most attractive aspect of the ausbildung programs in Germany is that there are no tuition fees. Instead, they provide monthly stipends to the participants. This stipend can be enough to meet the living expenses in Germany. Hence, no additional proof of financing is required from students joining for ausbildung.

Proficiency in the German language is a crucial requirement for joining an ausbildung program. Applicants must have a B2 level of German language skills, as the communication at work and the training place will be mostly in German.

If you are fluent enough in the language, you can attend the program with even a B1 level of proficiency, because the requirement is that one must have enough communication skills to follow the programme.

  1. Career Guidance: Our experts will provide valuable insights into career prospects, job placement, and further education opportunities if you want to study abroad. We can help you connect with the best employers in the Mechatronics sector in Germany to launch your career.
  2. Admissions Assistance: We’ll guide you through the application process, helping you secure a spot under a reputable employer for the mechatronics ausbildung program. Many students may struggle on their own during the initial interview with their prospective employer. With PingMe on your side, you can rest assured that you will breeze through the interviews because we provide plenty of mock interviews and training beforehand.
  3. Visa Support: We’ll assist you in obtaining the required visa and help with the documentation needed for your stay in Germany.

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