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Visa is an approval document that permits a person to enter a country other than their home country. There are many types of visas, namely visitor visa, student visa, tourist visa, transit visa etc.

Visa application is your next step after receiving the passport on your hands. We provide all kinds of visa services and assist the applicants with each procedure. We have processed thousands of visa applications so far, and we outshine other agencies with a 90% success rate in visa approval.

Visa can be defined as an endorsement placed inside the passport of an individual to enter, leave, or stay in a specific country. All countries possess certain limitations and validity periods for the visa as they are part of their official procedures. Upon approval of the visa, you will be granted permission to enter, leave, or stay in the applied country, depending on the requirement. However, it is not an easy task for everyone to get their visa application approved. Don’t worry, Pingme Study Abroad is a leader among visa consultants, providing the best visa services for every genuine applicant.

The most common visa types include tourist, student, work, and transit. You will have to apply to all types of visa applications before the travel depending on the country you are applying for. However, the mistakes and inappropriate presentation of the applications result in a clear rejection of every single case. But if you are at the right hands when applying for your most important thing for entering a country, you are all set to go. Pingme has been doing visa documentation service successfully for the past few years, with thousands of successful applications.

Our specific services:

  • Guidance for German language training
  • Preparing your documents for submission at the embassy
  • Guidance for attending the visa interview
  • Making of Well-designed plan for finding a job in your domain
  • Finding accommodation
  • Guidance for initial legal procedures after reaching Germany
  • Coaching you about further possibilities

If you have decided on your destination country, you can contact us, and we will get back to you immediately to start the visa application process.

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