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German Embassy visit is mandatory for applying for any type of visa to the country. Germany visa appointment is a simple process when assisted by expert Europe visa consultant like Pingme.

You will have to visit the German embassy for visa verification and other processes. It is an essential part of receiving a visa in that country. However, you can’t just walk into the embassy with the application. There are procedures for that.

Obtaining a Germany visa appointment for an Germany embassy based on your present location is the first thing to be done. You can visit the German embassy only after receiving the appointment confirmation. There are certain procedures for booking the appointment for Germany embassies, just like any other country. You will have to submit the application, purpose documentation and other details to visit the embassy.

The experienced consultants at Pingme provide support for booking appointments for various embassies including Germany. You can easily get a confirmed appointment at the German embassy based on your region. English to German document translation services can be undertaken by a translator sworn. If you are concerned on how to get an early appointment for a German visa, we are at your help. We will take care of all the documentation and application procedures. You can visit the embassy with a confirmed appointment booking and completely prepared documents with Pingme.

Following are different types of visas for which we undertake booking services for Germany visa appointments.


German National Visa / D Visa


The German national visa is needed for a stay of greater than 90 days in the country, be it for any purpose like education, work, research, or any other. We assist in booking Germany visa appointment for the following various category visas:


Student Visa:

For applying for a student visa, you must present a state-recognized university acceptance letter and proof of financial support to meet the expense during the stay. German student applicant visas are issued for the aspirants to apply to the universities in the country in person. This visa doesn't allow you to start your studies in Germany. For students aiming to pursue higher education in Germany, we offer assistance for the student visa appointment.


Family Reunion Visa:

A student or an employee in Germany can bring their family members to the country using this visa. The documents need to be submitted for spouse, child, and other member's family reunion visas. Make sure to arrange all the required documents to be submitted before the appointment to the embassy. We work jointly with applicants to book the family reunion Germany visa appointment.


Employment Visa:

An immigrant with a valid job offer letter from a German company can apply for this visa. This visa enable the applicant to perform jobs in Germany. We offer the employment visa appointment booking service. The visa is for two years and can be extended. The employment visa holders can also apply for a residence permit during these two years. Processing time of Employment visa varies between one to three months based on several factors like the number of applications received, etc.


Researcher Visa:

Guest scientists and visiting scholars can make use of the researcher visa to enter the country. Specific documents required for the application process include a personal cover letter detailing your purpose of stay in the country, no-objection letter from the institution of interest, an invitation letter from the research institute, proof of academic eligibility. We assist in booking Germany visa appointments for the aspirants who wish to pursue their research studies in Germany.


Language Course Visa:

A language course visa is for non-German citizens who wish to learn the German language in Germany. The visa duration is maximum for up to one year, wherein the student must attend at least eighteen hours of classes per week. If you wish to continue education in Germany, you should fly back to your home country and apply for a student visa from there. It is not possible to convert a language course visa into a student visa. We assist in booking slots for language course visas in the German embassy near you.


Student Internship Visa:

A student internship visa is required for doing internship programs in Germany. The validity of the visa is a maximum of 12 months. German language skills are not needed for applying for this visa unless the selected company or institute demands it. An internship visa can be switched to a work visa if the company wants to hire you as its employee. Students holding an internship visa cannot bring their family through a reunion visa. We help book slots for Germany visa appointments and guide you through the whole visa procedure.


Schengen Visa 


The Schengen visitor visa enables a non-national to visit not only Germany but also any of the 26 Schengen member countries for up to 90 days. Make sure that you make a visa appointment with the consulate of the first destination country if planning to visit multiple countries with the same Schengen visa.  We offer services for different categories of Schengen visas, as listed below. 


Business Visa:

We book appointments for business visas for those who want to travel to Germany for a short visit for business making, sign contracts, or official meetings. Usually, the visa is valid up to 6 months from the date of the issue for 90 days halt in Germany. An invitation letter from the invitee needs to be submitted for the application process.


Tourist Visa:

A German tourist visa is required for a short stay in the country. With a tourist visa, one cannot study or work in Germany; you need to apply for a separate permit for that. The expected processing time for these visas can vary between fifteen days to thirty days. Our services include booking appointments for the tourist visa.


Visitor Visa:

A German visitor visa enables you to visit family, and friends staying in the country. Our services offer to book an appointment for a visitor visa. 


How Does This Procedure Work?


Apply Online 

Book an appointment or request a callback from our experts for your German visa related concerns. We assure you complete guidance and support for all kinds of German visa associated procedures.


Submission of Details

After initial discussions, submit the filled application form online. Our consultants will help you with doing it.


Discussion Period

Once we obtain your data, we verify it and contact incase of any clarification required. After the final review, we submit the details to the appointment booking team to continue with the embassy appointment slot booking. 


Appointment Booking

We book the appointment according to the slots available, and once done will inform the details of time and venue through email or call. We will also help you with the list of documents to be carried to the embassy at the time of the Germany visa appointment.


Some Frequently Asked Questions


Can I cancel a booked appointment?

Once the booking is made, you can cancel it if unable to show up on the slot dedicated to you. We will share the original link through which you can directly cancel the appointment.


Do I need to pay anything during the visit to the consulate?

Yes, the amount you pay to the agency is no way related to the fee imposed for the visa. The amount to be paid as visa charges is to be carried as a DD during the visit. 


When should I start the application process for a visa?

It is recommended that you start the process at least three to six weeks before the date of travel. This can help deal with last-minute issues if any. Germany accepts visa applications ninety days before the day of travel.


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