Land a Job in Germany's IT Sector

Does the world of technology fascinate you? Are you eager to build a career in the IT sector in Europe? The Ausbildung program in Germany provides a solid foundation in the dynamic field of IT.

IT Ausbildung

Ausbildung is a German word meaning vocational training or apprenticeship. As part of the program, participants will work at a German company, receiving hands-on training about the practical aspects of the trade. At the same time, they will also attend lectures at a vocational school, improving their theoretical knowledge related to their job.

There are more than 5,000 000 ausbildung positions available each year, but not enough candidates to fill them all. A number of jobs go unfilled in the IT, nursing, and handcraft industries. Therefore, candidates from outside of Germany are encouraged to apply and join these apprenticeship programs.

Minimum Academic Qualification : Plus-two

German Language Proficiency : B1/B2 Complete Modules

Tuition Fees : None

Duration : 3 Years

Stipend : Available, around €800/month in first year

Proficiency in the German language is a crucial requirement for joining an IT ausbildung program. Applicants must have a B2 level of German language skills, as the communication at work and the training place will be mostly in German.

Some employers might even accept applicants with a B1 level of proficiency after a language assessment interview.

The most attractive aspect of the IT ausbildung program in Germany is that there is no tuition fee. Instead, you will receive monthly stipends from your employer.

Average Monthly Stipend Amount for IT Specialist

1st year: 981-1154 €
2nd year: 1029-1187 €
3rd year: 1102-1261 €

  • Design and implement programs and systems tailored to your clients’ needs.
  • Adapt and extend existing programs based on customer specifications.
  • Design and construct new computer and server systems.
  • Supervise, document, and troubleshoot system operations.
  • Disassemble computers and networks into their components, and assemble them back together.
  • Rapidly grasp and comprehend the logic behind both new and traditional programming languages.
  • Assemble your working environment for upcoming tasks using a range of programming languages and developer tools.
  • Evaluate the source codes of programs and applications to ensure their quality.

Upon completing your ausbildung as IT specialist, there are various avenues for enhancing your skills and qualifications. You can specialize in a particular area or find regular work in Germany or elsewhere in Europe.

  • Business Economist specializing in Information Processing
  • Specialization with a TGA Certificate
  • Manufacturer-Related Certificates
  • Studies/Dual Studies
  • Operational Professional
  • Strategic Professional

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