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services_post_icon Flight Itinerary

As a foreign national, you will be asked to submit original flight tickets or flight itinerary for visa application and approval procedures by the country you wish to travel. Sometimes, the officials will ask you to submit your original flight tickets as proof. Whatever the case, Pingme is here for you.

Flight itinerary is mandatory for all foreign visa applications as it ensures the embassy that the applicant will return to the origin country. However, it is a hard task for most of the visa applicants as they are worried about the visa denial. What if your visa application gets rejected and you have already booked your flights? You will receive some amount of money when cancelling the air ticket. However, Pingme is providing expert service in this procedure with the best executives in the industry.

The requirement for different embassies as some requires you to submit the flight itinerary only, whereas others require something like booked flight itinerary, reservation details, or even booked flight ticket. Pingme is an expert in understanding and following the requirement for each of the abroad countries. So, we can assist our clients with what’s right for them to avoid losing loads of money on the flight itinerary for visa.

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