Become a Restaurant Manager

The 3-year Restaurant Specialist Ausbildung program will help you become an expert in your field. As a specialist in restaurants and event catering, you will have very good career prospects in Germany!

Restaurant Specialist Ausbildung

The ausbildung program as a specialist for restaurants and event catering is a fantastic study option if you have an interest in culinary sciences, hosting guests, teamwork, and managing a restaurant.

Germany is currently facing a shortage of skilled workers across the hospitality industry and this is true for restaurants and catering services. Because of this, Germany is encouraging the inflow of aspiring candidates from other countries who are willing to learn the trade through training programs such as ausbildung.

Minimum Academic Qualification : Plus-two

German Language Proficiency : B1/B2 Complete Modules

Tuition Fees : None

Duration : 3 Years

Stipend : Available, around €800/month in first year

  • Being a great host, shaping the restaurant experience of guests
  • Helping guests with the menu, offering advice on the selection of food and drinks
  • Professional serving of food and beverages
  • Organization of service processes
  • Managing payment and reservation systems
  • Maintaining sustainability and hygiene
  • Restaurant sales promotion

You frequently begin your career in restaurants as a commis de rang before being promoted immediately to restaurant manager. As a restaurant specialist, hotels that have banquet, event, and food and beverage management departments are also fantastic entry-level opportunities.

You have a variety of options after completing your training to broaden your career prospects:

  • Specialist in the hospitality industry
  • Food & Beverage Manager
  • Sommelier
  • Bartender
  • Specialist courses in service (e.g. sales management, carving, etc.)
  • State-certified business economist or restaurateur
  • Restaurant director

Proficiency in the German language is a crucial requirement for joining an ausbildung program. Applicants must have a B2 level of German language skills, as the communication at work and the training place will be mostly in German.

Some employers might even accept applicants with a B1 level of proficiency after a language assessment interview.

The most attractive aspect of the ausbildung programs in Germany is that there are no tuition fees. Instead, they provide monthly stipends to the participants.

As part of your ausbildung program, you will be working at a restaurant who will pay you a stipend of around 800 euros per month. Since you will be receiving a fixed income every month, there is no need for additional financial proofs such as a blocked account.

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Embark on your journey towards becoming a skilled and resourceful restaurant manager by choosing an ausbildung in Germany. At PingMe, we are committed to making your dream a reality. Contact us today to take the first step towards a rewarding career in one of Europe’s leading countries.

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