Become a Chef in Germany

Is cooking your passion? Want to build a career as a professional chef in Europe? The 3-year Ausbildung program in Germany opens the path to culinary mastery and a thriving career as a chef.

Chef Ausbildung

The ausbildung program to become a chef will be carried out in parallel at the training company and at the vocational school. Vocational school lessons take place either on certain days of the week or in blocks. The training lasts three years, although it may be possible to shorten it by six months.

As a chef, you will find plenty of promising job prospects in Germany and across the world. You can also do specialisation after your 3-year ausbildung. Moreover, you can explore entrepreneurial paths, such as opening your own restaurant.

Minimum Academic Qualification : Plus-two

German Language Proficiency : B1/B2 Complete Modules

Tuition Fees : None

Duration : 3 Years

Stipend : Available, around €800/month in first year

  • Creating Menu Plan: Along with making sure that the menu is as diverse as possible, you will also have to consider the time of year, the season, and any unique requests from the clientele.
  • Purchasing Ingredients: Chefs are also in charge of buying the ingredients, particularly in smaller restaurants. You will be taught to figure out how much food is needed and compare the costs and product quality.
  • Ingredient storage is another skill that a chef must possess. The cook’s duties also include routinely checking the inventory to guarantee the food’s shelf life.
  • Preparing Dishes: The range of different dishes that you can prepare as a chef is huge. Because of this, workers in commercial kitchens frequently have specific areas of expertise.
  • Food presentation: Dishes should not only taste good but also be aesthetically pleasing. The chef has to pays attention to this when placing the food on the plate. 
  • Create a workflow plan and manage the workforce: Once you become a head chef, it is part of your responsibility to assign, train, and manage subordinate staff members, such as kitchen assistants.
  • Cleaning and organising the workspace: After a long day of work, the workspace should be organised in compliance with strict hygiene regulations.

Proficiency in the German language is a crucial requirement for joining an ausbildung program. Applicants must have a B2 level of German language skills, as the communication at work and the training place will be mostly in German.

Some employers might even accept applicants with a B1 level of proficiency after a language assessment interview.

The most attractive aspect of the ausbildung programs in Germany is that there are no tuition fees. Instead, they provide monthly stipends to the participants.

Your monthly stipend ranges from 790 to 1,000 euros gross per month during the first year of training. In the second year, it can be between 875 to 1,150 euros and in the third year of training, 950 to 1,300 euros gross.

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  3. Visa Support: We’ll assist you in obtaining the required visa and help with the documentation needed for your stay in Germany.

Embark on your journey towards becoming a skilled and reputed Chef by choosing an ausbildung in Germany. At PingMe, we are committed to making your dream a reality. Contact us today to take the first step towards a rewarding career in one of Europe’s leading countries.

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