Become a Specialist in Food Technology

Food Technology is the use of the latest technology and machinery to enhance the value of agricultural and farm produce of all sorts. Become an expert in food science, processing techniques, and quality control with an Ausbildung program.

Food Technology Ausbildung

Germany's 3-year Ausbildung program in Food Technology paves the way for expertise in food science, processing techniques, and quality control, offering a dynamic journey towards culinary mastery and a thriving profession in the food industry.

As part of the ausbildung course, you will be learning by working as an apprentice at a German food tech company and also by attending theory classes at a vocational training institute.

Minimum Academic Qualification : Plus-two

German Language Proficiency : B1/B2 Complete Modules

Tuition Fees : None

Duration : 3 Years

Stipend : Available, around €800/month in first year

  • Work in plants producing a variety of food products
  • Create new products and design packaging solutions, turning ideas into tangible products
  • Learn to transform raw materials into food and ready meals using specialized machinery and systems
  • Responsible for quality control- testing, analyzing, and labelling substances, ensuring the production of high-quality recipes
  • Receive training in operating machines and systems essential for food production processes
  • Engage in all stages of production, from raw material reception to packaging finished products
  • Gain practical knowledge about food ingredients and their processing

Proficiency in the German language is a crucial requirement for enrolling in a vocational training program. Applicants must have a B2 level of German language skills, as the communication at work and the training place will be mostly in German.

If you are fluent enough in the language, you can attend the program with even a B1 level of proficiency, because the requirement is that one must have enough communication skills to follow the programme.

Indian students who have successfully completed their 12th-grade are eligible to apply for ausbildung programs. Those who have completed additional studies, such as a diploma or a bachelor’s degree, after their plus-two are also eligible to apply. While there is no official maximum age limit for enrolling, institutions usually prefer students under 30 years of age.

The most attractive aspect of the ausbildung programs in Germany is that there is zero tuition fee. You are also not required to have a blocked account in Germany.

The minimum wage for trainees in 2023 starts at 620 euros gross per month in the first year. This increases yearly, with a minimum of 732 euros in the second year and 837 euros in the third year.

However, some sectors within food technology like the bread and baked goods industry offer higher salaries, ranging from 803 to 933 euros in the first year, 888 to 1,070 euros in the second year, and 1,008 to 1,246 euros in the third year.

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