June 13, 2020

Everything You Need To Know About Nursing Jobs In Germany For Indian Nurses

By Divya Venu

Each year, thousands of nurses prefer Germany as a destination to work. There is an endless vacancy in nursing jobs in Germany for Indian nurses. High salary, job growth, job security are some of the reasons why most people are attracted to a nursing job in Germany.

Why Choose Germany?

The nursing profession is a very respectful and in-demand profession in Germany. Germany urgently needs qualified and skilled nurses to meet the ever-increasing demand of the medical industry. As the figures speak, according to the "RWI - Leibniz Institute for Economic Research", presently, 84.00 certified nurses are missing and it will touch 200.000 by the year 2030. For this main reason, the government of Germany encourages hiring certified nurses from foreign lands.



Nursing Jobs In Germany For Indian Nurses



Eligibility Criteria To Work As A Registered Nurse

  • Program completed as a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing or a General Nursing Midwifery Holder or a Master’s Degree in Nursing. 
  • German language B2 level certificate from GOETHE/TELC/OSD

German Language Requirement

As we mentioned in the eligibility criteria, German language proficiency is a must for nursing jobs in Germany for Indian nurses. With about half of the population converse in German alone, to facilitate a smooth conversation with the patient, all hospitals make it a point that their staff speaks the language fluently. 

If you are planning for a nursing career in Germany, it is better that you start your language classes well before the registration process. A B2 level certificate in the German language from GOETHE/TELC/OSD is mandatory for registered nursing jobs in Germany for Indian nurses.

Document Checklist For RN Licensing

Following is the list of documents needed for the registration process. These documents have to be translated to German before submitting them. Police clearance certificate and Doctor's fitness certificate have only six months validity, so it is better to arrange them after you get the B2 level German language certificate.

  • Higher Secondary or equivalent certificate
  • Secondary schooling or equivalent certificate
  • Degree certificate
  • BSc/GNM mark list (Individual)
  • Academic transcript certificate
  • CV/Resume
  • German language certificate of B2 level 
  • Doctor's fitness certificate 
  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Proof of Impunity(Police clearance certificate)
  • Work experience certificate(if any)
  • Nursing registration certificate
  • Professional passport photographs
  • Copies of the front and back page of the Passport

Document Translation

All the certificates and documents have to be translated from English to German before sending to the registration process. However, you cannot randomly choose a translator for this purpose;your translated documents become valid when done by an accredited translator or a sworn translator.

Nursing License Registration

Once the certificates and documents are translated, these are sent to the province of choice by the applicant through the post. The processing time can vary between three to four months, depending on the province chosen. The below image shows the nursing registration certificate of our client received from Germany.

Nursing Jobs In Germany For Indian Nurses

After acquiring the license the resume is sent to the hospitals of Germany. Once the resume is shortlisted, a telephonic or Skype interview is arranged for the applicant by the hospital, after successful completion of which you will be presented a job offer letter. With this job offer, you can initialise the visa application process.

Application Procedure For Work Visa

Applying for a German work visa is a crucial step towards nursing jobs in Germany for Indian nurses. For EU citizens, they do not need a visa to work in Germany. But non-EU citizens need a visa to take up the nursing job. 

Arrange all documents needed for the visa application process. Book an appointment for the visa interview in the German Embassy/Consulate in your country. Make sure that you take all the required documents with you. Pay the work visa fee and attend the interview. The processing time for the visa can take up to one to three months. The below image shows the work visa received by our client.


Nursing Jobs In Germany For Indian Nurses


Documents Required For Work Visa Application

  • A valid passport
  • Signed application and declaration form
  • Copy of passport's data page
  • Annexure for employment visa
  • Offer letter from the German company
  • Personal covering letter
  • Proof of qualification
  • CV
  • Three passport-sized photos
  • Demand Draft
  • Certificate about compulsory health insurance 

Procedure In A Glance:

  • Obtain German language B2 level certificate
  • Get police clearance certificate and fitness certificate
  • Translation of your documents and certificates to German
  • RN licensing (Documents send to the province)
  • Sending resume 
  • Attend Interviews
  • Obtain job offer
  • Apply for German working visa

Benefits Of Nursing Jobs In Germany For Indian Nurses

Job Growth And Demand

When compared to other careers, there is a large growth in health professions. Growing rates of chronic conditions, elderly population and demand for healthcare services are some of the reasons for this.  

Job Security

You can work without worries if you're working as a nurse in Germany since there is a work council that functions to protect the employees of an organisation. Therefore there is complete job security for nursing jobs in Germany.

You Can Bring Your Family.

After you have arrived in Germany, you can bring your family to Germany, where your spouse can work, and kids can be sent to English schools for free. Your spouse needs a German language certificate of A1 level for moving to Germany.

Permanent Residency

This is another major benefit of working as a nurse in Germany. You will get permanent residency after five years or before. The residence permit will be issued to the NON-EU nationals who have resided in Germany for more than five years. 

Unlimited Job contract

Another advantage of nursing jobs in Germany for Indian nurses is that you're entitled to an unlimited job contract. The contract can be terminated or switched any time you want by mutual agreement with the approval of both parties. 

German Permanent Residence Permit

A permanent residence permit allows you to stay in the country as long as you wish and travel in and out of the country whenever you require. To be eligible to apply for the permanent residence permit, you need to gain at least five-year work experience in a job accepted by the Federal Employment Agency (BA). Another criterion is that you should prove the expertise in the German language. If you gain a permanent residence permit, your spouse and child get a temporary residence permit.

How Pingme Study Abroad Helps You?

  • We guide you to German Language classes
  • We assist you in the visa application procedure
  • We translate your certificates to German
  • We assist you in getting a job contract
  • We help in finding accommodation and bringing your family to Germany

We, Pingme Study Abroad, will guide you to German language institutions if you have the eligibility to work as a nurse. You can learn till the B2 level, which will take approximately 8 to 10 months. It will cost you approximately Rs 80000 to Rs 85000 for the German language course. 

You need to translate your degree certificates if you need the license to work. We will help you with the procedure while you're learning German. For that, your documents will be sent to the authorised department. The procedure will be completed in approximately one month. 

After you have received your German B2 certificate and translated certificates, we will help you get a job contract from a German hospital. The below image is the job offer received by our client from Sana Klinik Munchen, a clinic in Germany.

Nursing Jobs In Germany For Indian Nurses

You can apply for a German visa once you receive the job contract. We also arrange Family Reunion/Spouse visas (free of cost) for the family of the candidate who got placed in German hospitals through Pingme.

General FAQ

Can I bring my dependents along with me?

Yes. You can bring your spouse and children to Germany soon after you arrive in Germany. For moving to Germany, your spouse needs a German language certificate of A1 level. 

What happens if the embassy rejects my translated documents?

There would be several reasons for rejection by the embassy. However, one of the major reasons for rejection is when translation is not done by authorised translators. When individuals try to find translators on their own, there are chances that they get scammed. We can definitely help you to sort out your problem and get your documents translated by the authorised translators which are also accepted by the embassy. 

How to know if I am eligible to work as a registered nurse in Germany or not?

If you need more information regarding if you’re eligible to work as a registered nurse or not, kindly get in touch with us. 

What if the embassy rejects my visa application? 

If the embassy rejects your application, you have to write an appeal. This is a major step in visa reapplication. The appeal should be written in a convincing way, stating strong reasons.

How can my spouse and children apply for a visa? 

To apply for the visa, you have to fix an appointment at the German Embassy. You have to give all the documents for the visa application, such as:

  • Two application forms
  • Proof of basic German language skill.
  • Copy of spouse’s passport(applicable if you’re an EU citizen)
  • Copy of spouse’s residency permit(applicable if you’re not an EU citizen)
  • Marriage certificate (original copy) 

Is it possible to change the employer after reaching Germany?

Yes. It is definitely possible with us. Because our job offer letter does not have a bond unlike other agencies. 

Is there any bond for the job contract that you provide?

No, there isn't any bond for the job contract that we provide.

Is it possible for the dependents to apply for a visa along with my applications?

No. Your dependents can’t apply along with your applications. But you can bring your dependents to Germany only after 3 months. We provide free dependent visa assistance to our nursing candidates. Even if you have already reached Germany through another agency, we can still provide you dependent visa assistance.

Are Indians eligible to apply for an employment visa to Germany for the nursing category?

Yes . It is possible. There are different pathways for it. Kindly contact us for more info.

What is the approximate salary range for a RN in Germany? 

If you are a registered nurse in Germany with a B2 certificate in German, your salary will be 2500-3200 euros per month which is around Rs 2,00,000 to 2,60,000. This is the highest salary when compared to other European countries.


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