October 20, 2023

The Complete Guide to Finding Student Accommodation in Germany

By Anila Paul

Germany, renowned for its top-notch universities and innovative research opportunities, attracts students from every corner of the globe. Yet, the high demand for quality housing often collides with various hurdles. Language barriers, housing scams, and the frantic rush for available spaces as enrollment deadlines approach create a complex landscape for students seeking a place to call home.

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As an international student, you're not just seeking a room; you're seeking a space where you can focus on your studies, forge new friendships, and create cherished memories. This article will be your compass and your guiding light through the twists and turns of the German housing market. We will unravel the intricacies, demystify the process, and equip you with the knowledge and confidence to easily find the best student accommodation in Germany.


Accommodation Options for Students in Germany

Before you rush to a decision regarding your accommodation in Germany, you should try to understand and assess the different housing options that are available to you. The diversity of housing choices caters to various preferences and budgets. This ensures that every student can find a place that suits their needs.


Dormitories or Halls of Residence

Dormitories, similar to hostels, are a popular choice among international students, particularly those in their first year. These purpose-built accommodations are often affiliated with universities, providing a secure and supportive environment. Here, the rooms are typically basic, and common facilities like kitchens and bathrooms are shared. This fosters a sense of community. Living in a dormitory can be a great way to meet fellow students from different cultural backgrounds, enhancing your overall study abroad experience.


Studio Rooms

Unlike dormitories, studio rooms offer the luxury of privacy. These single-occupancy units come equipped with a private bathroom and kitchenette, allowing students to enjoy independence and focus on their studies without the distractions of shared living spaces. However, this often comes at a higher cost. For those who want an exclusive space of their own and are willing to spend a bit more, studios provide a comfortable and self-contained living environment.


Shared Apartments/ Private Accommodation

Shared apartments or private accommodations are a cost-effective and popular choice among students looking to balance affordability with a social living experience. Renting a room in a larger apartment, often with shared common areas, fosters a sense of camaraderie among housemates. It encourages collaboration in managing household responsibilities and expenses, making it socially enriching. For those desiring a home-like atmosphere and the opportunity to build friendships, shared accommodations offer a perfect blend of affordability and companionship.


Understanding your preferences and budget constraints is crucial when choosing between these options. You should consider the kind of environment where you will thrive academically and socially. Some students thrive in the bustling energy of dormitories, while others find solace in the privacy of studio apartments. Shared accommodations, on the other hand, offer a middle ground, encouraging a sense of community while respecting personal space.


University Accommodations

You can save a lot of trouble by contacting your university. The dedicated teams at universities act as trustworthy guides for international students seeking accommodation in Germany.


University accommodation services offer tailored support, considering preferences, budget, and proximity to campus, ensuring a selection of suitable housing options. The application process for university-provided housing is streamlined, involving straightforward steps and follow-up emails.


Moreover, university accommodations are designed with students' financial constraints in mind, offering competitively priced options that provide excellent value for money. Living in university-managed housing also fosters integration into the academic community, allowing easy interaction with fellow students and participation in university events. Language barriers are bridged, and safety is prioritized, with accommodations located in secure areas.


Websites to Find Accommodation in Germany

An equally viable option for finding student accommodation in Germany is through online portals and housing websites. These platforms offer diverse housing options, allowing students to find living spaces that suit their preferences and budgets.


Detailed information, including photographs and floor plans, helps students make informed decisions without physically visiting the places. You can communicate directly with landlords through chats, emails, or calls. When you consider the additional options available on these websites such as ratings and reviews from previous tenants, you will see that there is plenty of transparency. You will be able to avoid housing scams.


The Best Websites to Find Accommodation

WG-Gesucht and ImmoScout24 are both excellent choices when it comes to websites that you can rely on to find accommodation in Germany. WG-Gesucht specializes in shared accommodations, fostering a sense of community among like-minded individuals. ImmoScout24, on the other hand, covers the entire spectrum of accommodations, from cozy studios to luxurious residences.


Both platforms provide local expertise, ensure accurate listings, and prioritize user safety through rigorous verification processes. Their inclusivity caters to diverse needs, making them reliable companions for students seeking accommodation in Germany.


How Social Media Can Help You Find Accommodation

In today's interconnected world, social media platforms have become a very helpful agent for international students to find accommodation in Germany. Since Indian students have been moving to Germany for higher studies for a while now, there are alumni groups of Indian students at almost all major universities. Many of these groups have an online presence through different social media platforms.


Students can join university and student groups on platforms like Facebook, where a vast network of peers shares valuable insights and available housing options. Additionally, online forums such as Reddit and Quora serve as hubs for discussions related to studying in Germany, offering diverse perspectives and helpful tips on accommodation.


For Indian students, specific platforms like WhatsApp and Telegram host vibrant communities where accommodation leads are shared, aiding not only in finding housing but also in acclimating to cultural differences. Furthermore, engaging with alumni networks provides access to invaluable advice, contacts, and recommendations from former students who have successfully navigated student life in Germany. These digital connections not only simplify the accommodation search but also enrich the overall student experience in Germany.


Making Use of Local German Housing Agencies

If you are unable to arrange accommodation with the university or through online platforms and social media groups, you can seek the assistance of a real estate or housing agency in Germany. The local agencies in Germany offer personalized assistance to international students and others unfamiliar with the local housing landscape. They possess specialized knowledge of specific cities and neighborhoods, enabling them to match housing options with individual requirements.


You can make use of these agencies to arrange physical property tours, ensuring firsthand assessment of the properties. They have reliable contacts within the real estate industry, reducing the risk of rental scams. Additionally, local agencies assist with paperwork, which can be a great help for international students who may not be familiar with the bureaucracy. These agencies' diverse portfolio of properties caters to various preferences.


Important Factors to Consider When Choosing Accommodation in Germany

When choosing your accommodation in Germany, monthly rent should not be your only concern. There are several other important factors you have to consider for a successful study abroad experience.


Proximity to the university enhances engagement in campus life and helps you save a lot of time and money on travel. If your place of stay has access to public transport, it simplifies commuting and city exploration.


You should also consider the safety of the premises and assess the social environment. Access to essential services like grocery stores and medical facilities is essential, and flexibility in housing arrangements ensures adaptability to changing needs. By considering these factors, you can align your housing choices with academic goals, personal preferences, and budgetary constraints.


In Summary:

Securing accommodation in Germany might seem daunting, but with the right approach and information, the process can be streamlined. Start early, explore multiple avenues, and prioritize safety and convenience. Remember, your university and fellow students are valuable resources. By leveraging their guidance and your own proactive efforts, finding the perfect accommodation can be a smooth and stress-free experience.


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