May 12, 2020

Study in Germany for Free: Everything You Need to Know

By Biji K K


It's no wonder that Germany is renowned as the paradise for higher education- being home for many top universities in the world, Germany has a higher quality of life, and is superior to many other study destinations spanning across the UK and USA. Besides getting exposed to an exceptional educational system, you can learn a foreign language and make a couple of friends, thus making it something pleasant to remember for the rest of your life. But what hinders many young aspirants from getting into Germany is the cost of education. Don't fret- you can study in Germany for free! 

How To Study In Germany For Free?

Find Your Niche Area/Subject

First things first, find a university and a course that adheres to your interest. This is the first step towards achieving a chance of studying in Germany. Since Germany is renowned for its top-class educational system, choosing what's best for you won't be a problem. You should choose the one that matches your aspirations and plans. And you will find yourself getting delayed in choosing a study program if you have no plans ahead for the future, the reason being the plethora of courses available, for you to choose from. 

how to study in germany for free

It will be ideal if you take enough time to brood over, at least three months before the ultimate decision since you can make enough research on courses pertinent to the field of yours. Cling on to the universities that best suits you. The choice is yours whether to focus only on one or apply to various universities so that you have chances of getting into any university. 

Meeting The Cost Of Education

Even though the cost of education is free, students should pay an administration fee at the beginning of every year or semester. The Germans are very strict in these matters and make sure that the money is paid correctly. Quite some state-funded universities offer free programs.

Study in Germany for Free

Every university requests a monthly sum for the benefit of students so that the cost of living and education- both are met. But this money is only deposited to a Blocked Account, which includes the cost of living, accommodation, and travel cost of approximately €8,640 for a complete session. 

Applying To The University Of Choice

Now it's high time for you to submit the application for study in Germany for free. Some universities accept applications online, whereas, some universities accept applications either by post or through in person. Reach out to the university so that you can find out the way of application submission. UniAssist is an online application platform where you can apply directly to many renowned German universities, part of it. But some universities have their platform for the application process. 

Be mindful of the fact that the universities currently accept a large number of applications. It's a tedious process to go through each application; therefore, submit your application at the earliest. You should apply as soon as the call for application has initiated. The application procedure differs according to the study area that you have chosen. 

Apply For A German Student Visa

A German student visa is a must for a student from outside the European Union and the European Economic Area. Parallel to collecting the documents, you should make a visa appointment with the German embassy. Ensure that you have secured funds for studying, and you can convince the authorities about your financial stability by starting a blocked bank account. Even before bestowing you with a student visa, the embassy will demand a health insurance policy along with other documents. 

Study in Germany for Free

Find Accommodation

Now that you have secured admissions, your duties aren't complete. You have to locate accommodation. Even though the cost of accommodation isn't hefty, you must find a place that suits you financially. Even before landing in Germany, you can find a place online since you will realize time is running away while looking for a place, which can't be even paralleled to the time that you usually take for studies. 

Don't worry if you aren't satisfied with the places available- you can even find one from the various contacts that you have, it is that easy. At least you should not make the mistake of postponing your hunt for accommodation- you should find one at least two weeks before landing in Germany.

Enrolling In A German University

Now that you have decided on the university and the course of your choice, the next step is to enroll in the university. Just make sure that you register before the closing date of the official application so that you will be free from any confusion that arises later on. For the sake of a quick submission of application, keep every document close to your reach, if you are a candidate seeking an education loan. It's the responsibility of a candidate to fill in the details adhering to the genuineness of the information provided. Finally, depart for Germany. 

Study in Germany for Free

Can You Study Masters In Germany For Free?

Germany tops the list of top postgraduate destinations in Europe. The truth is, when compared to other countries which should supposedly have top universities, such as the USA and UK, Germany has many top-ranked universities. To make things easier for students worldwide, a master's degree in Germany is free of cost!

Germany is a gem when it comes to studying masters since up to 13% of students enrolled in German universities come from abroad. Besides, if you plan to work in Germany and if you are an EU/non-EU graduate, then look no more than Germany. 

Study In Germany For Free For Indian Students

For Indian students, who wish to complete their higher education in Germany, there are many possibilities. Statistics indicate that there were up to 17000 of Indian students pursuing their higher studies in Germany, in the year 2017, thus making India the third-largest country seeking studies in Germany. Your need is Bachelor, Master, or Doctoral degree, for regular courses and specific courses such as medicine or engineering or management. If you fulfill their requirements, then you can enroll in a German university for free. 

Study in Germany for Free

For Indian students, there are many benefits just waiting for you- ultra-modern facilities, myriad funding choices, a study community that is both distinct and vibrant, with the added quality of education. But don't forget about the documents that you need to present before you enroll- Grade cards, language proficiency proof, entrance qualification, identity card or passport, and a motivation letter. In the case of a master's degree, you need two additional documents- a recognized bachelor's degree and an essential reference.

Study in Germany For Free For International Students

If asked for the most sought after study destination by international students, then the answer will be Germany, owing to the free cost of education. Because of the hike in the number of international students enrolling in any top university of Germany, and that too, for free, Germany has become a significant part of the global education map. Except for some highly-specialized courses, many state-funded universities offer free-of-cost educational expenses. Even public universities were asked to eliminate tuition fees for both graduate and undergraduate courses in the year 2014.


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