July 2, 2020

A Comprehensive Guide To Visa Types For Austria Immigration

By Sreeraj Pillai

Austria is a landlocked country located in Central Europe, with a population of around 9 million. Austria is a member state of the United Nations and European Union. The official language of Austria is German, and a vast majority of people in Austria speak German. Austria is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, and a popular destination of immigrants to work and live. 

Legal documents required for permanent or temporary Austria immigration are-

  • Visa
  • Residence Permit
  • EU Blue Card

Austria Work Visa 

Austria immigration is regulated by a point-based visa system, called a Red-White-Red Card. The process of visa application is quite straightforward. After earning enough points, you can get hold of the Red-White-Red Card and optional Red-White-Red Card plus. Here is the government point calculator, where you can calculate your points. 

Non-EU nationals who plan to work in the country can apply for a Red-White-Red Card. It allows you to live in the country and has a duration of 24 months. There are various ways with which you can get hold of a Red-White-Red Card. It all depends on the qualification and skills, and the type of work that you want to do in Austria.  

 Austria Immigration

Who All Are Considered For The Red-White-Red Card?

  • Very highly qualified workers 
  • Students graduated from Austrian universities and colleges of higher education
  • Startup founders
  • Self-employed key workers
  • Skilled workers in shortage occupations

Very Highly Qualified Workers 

If you’ve earned more than 70 points based on the eligibility criteria, then you can definitely migrate to Austria on a six months residence visa,and start searching jobs in the country. The eligibility criteria is divided into work experience, qualification and skills, age, language skills, studies in Austria etc.

Students Graduated From Austrian Universities And College Of Higher Education

Normally you need 70 points from the eligibility criteria. But the following graduates/profession only need 65 points- 

  • Graduate in Business Administration
  • Graduates in power engineering
  • Graduate mechanical engineers
  • Graduates in telecommunications engineering
  • Graduate engineers in data processing
  • Graduate engineers

Startup Founders

In order to apply for a Red-White-Red Card, you should

  • Own a company that develops and launches products and services that are innovative.
  • Submit your company’s business plan
  • Submit evidence of funds for the new company, which should be a minimum of 50,000 EUR. 
  • Earn 50 points through work experience, qualifications and language skills, in the eligibility criteria. You can earn more points, through additional investment, or if you’re younger than 35 years of age. 

Austria Immigration

Self Employed Key Workers

If you’re a self-employed key worker, you can obtain a Red-White-Red Card if your role in the country aids in creating macroeconomic benefits over your initial operational benefit. In this case, the point system is not applicable here. In order to prove the above-mentioned benefits, you must:

  • Invest a minimum of 1,00,000 EUR in the economy of Austria
  • Introduce innovative technologies as well as know-how

Skilled Workers in Shortage Occupations

As a skilled worker in a shortage occupation, if you’ve earned 55 points, then you can get a Red-White-Red Card. The eligibility criteria include qualifications, English language skills, work experience, German language skills and age.

Documents Required 

The documents that you need to submit for Austria immigration varies from one type of visa to that of another since you need to prove how you’ll fulfil the eligibility criteria. But for all applications, you require the following documents-

  • Proof of financial means
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Valid health insurance
  • Valid travel document
  • Birth certificate 
  • Recent photographs

Besides these documents, you need to provide documents for the claim that you make in the eligibility criteria, such as degree certificates, proof of language skills and testimonials of work experience. 

If a qualified worker has a Red-White-Red Card or an EU Blue Card, then they can apply for a visa so that he can bring his family to Austria. Your spouse can obtain a Red-White-Red Plus Card, with which they can seek a job and work after they arrive in the country. 


The first step towards your Austria immigration is applying for the visa and Austria PR while you’re in the home country. Submit the application to the representation authority in your home country, and patiently wait for their decision. In some cases, you can apply while you’re in Austria, while you’re in a legal stay. You can also submit the application for the Red-White-Red Card or EU Blue Card to the representation authority while you’re in Austria. Make it a point that you book the appointment before visiting the embassy for submitting the application.

You will receive the visa while you’re in your home country. But if you want to extend the residence title or change its purpose, it is possible only when you’re in the home country. The application should be submitted to the administrative authority prior to the expiry of your residence title. 

Austria Immigration

Residence Permit: Temporary And Permanent

You need to apply for a residence permit, if you have plans to move there, for more than 6 months. 

To gain permanent residency in Austria, you should have lived in Austria for a duration of 10 years. You can gain a permanent residency, even before 10 years, if 

  • You have B2 level German language skills
  • If you’re an EEA citizen who lived in the country for 6 years
  • If you’re a recognized refugee, who lived in the country for a minimum of 6 years
  • If your country of birth is Austria
  • If you were a former citizen of Austria

In order to apply for a temporary residence permit, you should have a specific purpose for your Austria immigration. They are- 

  • Researcher mobility
  • Seconded employee
  • Intra-corporate transferee
  • Mobile intra-corporate transferee
  • Social service employee
  • Family reunification
  • Students 
  • Volunteers
  • Self-employed persons

Documents Required 

  • Birth certificate 
  • Recent photograph
  • Proof of financial means
  • Proof of German language skills
  • Proof of health insurance
  • Valid Passport
  • Proof of Accommodation
  • Consular fee

You should also submit certain documents, for specific categories-

  • Students- Admission letter to Austrian university and written confirmation stating that the tuition fees are paid. 
  • Employee - Statement of income, a letter from the employee, work permit. 
  • Self-employed- Business plan, recent income tax statement and contract letter. 


If you wish to stay in the country for more than 90 days, then you have to obtain a residence permit. The Austria immigration policy is very strict. The Austrian residence permit is only granted for specific purposes. After you have fulfilled the purpose, you won’t be able to extend the residence permit. 

If you’re a minor, then make sure that your application is signed by both parents or legal guardians. The notary public will notarize the signature. Note that the Austrian Embassy won’t accept incomplete applications. The application for a residence permit should be submitted in person.You have to translate your required documents to German. You need to carry your application form of residence permit while you visit the Austrian embassy. You should pay a consular fee, where you need to pay a part of the fee during the application and the rest while you arrive in Austria. The processing time varies since your application will be sent to Austria.

Austria Immigration

EU Blue Card 

It is an alternative to the Red-White-Red Card. Point system is not applicable to EU Blue Card applicants. With an EU Blue Card, you have-

  • Permanent residency rights
  • Equal work rights
  • Social rights
  • Better condition for family reunification

A third-country national can apply for this card if they’ve met certain criteria-

  • Have obtained a binding job offer and employment in Austria
  • Have completed a study programme of 3-year duration, either in a university or a tertiary institution. 

Documents Required

  • Proof of completion of a degree programme
  • Passport size photographs
  • Statement of the employer
  • Birth certificate
  • Police clearance certificate 
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Valid travel document 

Austria is one of the popular destinations to work, due to various reasons. With plenty of jobs to choose from and various benefits offered to employees working in Austria, the country attracts plenty of prospective workers from different parts of the world.


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