Czech Republic is a small country in Europe which is highly demanding for nurses from all over the world. If you are a nurse with few years of experience in this field and looking for upgrading your life and settling in a country of high quality life, then this program is for you. This program is meant for Indian nurses with a degree in nursing to make it recognizable and authorized to work in Czech Republic.

This program is primarily designed to adapt a foreign educated nurse to practice in Czech nursing system. The major portion of the program would be dedicated in learning Intensive Czech Language and Medical terminology in Czech Language. Course module also consists of legal framework of Czech health care system and Practical training in Partner Hospitals, which would be an integral part of the program.

Since this is a practical oriented course, Czech College would help students in Nostrification (equivalency to Czech qualification) of their existing foreign nursing qualification and prepare them for Approbation test also known as licensure exam. Approbation test consists of four stages in which the first two stages can be done in English or Czech language. Third stage is a 40 days Practical Nursing test conducted in supervision of a Partner Hospital, which would analyze the efficiency of the Nurse to deal with a real Czech speaking patient. After clearing fourth stage of the test the candidate becomes licensed and capable of practicing in Czech Health Care system.

The duration of course is 1 year.

Tuition fees for the entire course is 5950 Euros.

Documents Required:

  • Bachelor degree of Nursing certificate
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Medical Fitness Certificate

Once you complete the course and final exams, you are ready to start your career in Czech. One of the major benefits for nurses is that they get high salary compared to other countries. Even though Czech is not numbered as the number one country for paying high salary to nurses, very low living cost and flexibility in working time compensates with highest paid countries. Because in this way they have very less expense and more to save. Czech country is desperately looking for nurses and therefore you have plenty of opportunities to choose. Generally, nurses start with a salary of 2000 euros from the beginning of their career itself. One of the noteworthy facts is that they get promoted faster and hence their pay increase within a short amount of time.

Benefits of working as a nurse in Czech Republic

  • Good value for money

When you are relocating to a new country with a different culture and lifestyle, it is not about just you, but also your family. Czech is a promising country in this regard. You always get good value for your money. Even if it is covering your living expenses or your children’s education or health or anything. Cost of living is cheap compared to other European countries. Health care system is one of the best in place. Public transport is cheap, safe and clean. Altogether, it is a very friendly and calm environment to live.

  • Thriving social scene and plenty of outdoor activities

You will never get bored with Czech. It has so much to offer and surprise you. Due to the influx of tourists and expats, the social scene in Czech Republic is diverse. In Prague, there is a wide variety of restaurants, bars and clubs to choose from. For the more outdoorsy type, Czech Republic is bordered by mountains and its forests are very well-preserved. One can cycle around the countryside or hike during the summer. In winter time, there is cross-country or downhill skiing.

  • Safe country with very low crime rate

The Czech Republic is a relatively safe country. Crime rates are low, and an emergency telephone number (112) is available for foreigners who don’t speak the local language.

  • Great salary and benefit packages for expats

The Czech Republic is a relatively safe country. Crime rates are low, and an emergency telephone number (112) is available for foreigners who don’t speak the local language.

What We Do

We will be your companion in guiding through the process and getting your life settled in Czech Republic. All you need to do is to come to us. We will get you admission for the program and do all the documentation work. We make sure that you travel safe to Czech and settle comfortably in their provided accommodation. We will be there for you in every step you need help and make sure that your dream of working as a nurse in Czech becomes a reality.


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