Why are Indian Students Now Avoiding Canada? Ground Report

February 6, 2024

Decline in Indian Students Studying in Canada About More Than Diplomatic Issues, says Education Consultant

An expert in the education sector recently noted that the decline in Indian students choosing to study in Canada is not solely due to diplomatic issues. Gurtej Sandhu, a Chandigarh-based education consultant, shared his insights on the matter in a recent interview with India Today TV.

Diplomatic Concerns Not the Only Cause

Gurtej Sandhu, who works with students to facilitate their overseas education process, discussed how several factors beyond diplomatic tensions between India and Canada have contributed to the reduced number of Indian students applying to Canadian universities.

While geopolitical factors can have an influence on international education trends, lower enrolment rates from Indian students in Canada are not just a result of these issues, according to Sandhu. "We need to consider a variety of factors such as changes in immigration policies, rising tuition fees, economic conditions and job market fluctuations," he pointed out.

Shifting Preferences for Higher Education

Rising costs of education and living in Canada are causing many Indian students to opt for other countries, according to Sandhu. In addition, changes in Canadian immigration policies, which require students to prove they have enough funds for a year of tuition and living expenses, may be deterring certain students.

"Earlier, Indian students preferred Canada due to the affordability and post-study work opportunities," explained Sandhu. "However, with increasing tuition costs and changes in immigration rules, students are now exploring other options."

Potential Impact on India-Canada Relations

The decreasing number of Indian students in Canada could have implications on the overall relations between the two countries. The exchange of students not only shapes educational and cultural relations but also has a significant economic impact.

It remains to be seen how both countries will address these issues, but experts like Sandhu believe that ongoing collaborations and discussions can find a beneficial solution for both countries and incoming students.

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