UniScholars, ObserveNow Shape Study Abroad Ecosystem in Mumbai Roundtable

January 24, 2024

UniScholars and ObserveNow Pioneers Visionary Higher Education Roundtable

Groundbreaking Higher Education Roundtable Hosted by UniScholars and ObserveNow

January 19th marked a key moment for the future of higher education initiatives for Indian students as UniScholars, a top-tier student mobility platform, teamed up with ObserveNow to host the Higher Education Leaders Roundtable in Mumbai.

Platform for Thought Leaders in Education

The event saw a gathering of significant figures from the education sector. These thought leaders came together to discuss, deliberate and exchange ideas on a central theme: “Fostering an Enhanced Study Abroad Ecosystem,” proving to be a turning point in determining the future prospects of Indian students studying abroad.

Revolutionizing the Concept of Higher Education

UniScholars, recognized for their expertise in international student mobility, offers trusted and accredited international education services to Indian students. The platform provides counselling sessions, supports application processes, and ensures a seamless journey for students planning to study at global universities.

On the other hand, ObserveNow, a digital media platform, is reputed for providing insightful content around diverse sectors such as education, aviation, hospitality, and more.

Transforming the Study Abroad Ecosystem

With a shared vision of empowering students and transforming the study abroad ecosystem, the partnership between UniScholars and ObserveNow has brought together industry leaders to envision a novel framework for the future. The roundtable served as a platform for meaningful dialogue and a catalyst for strategic planning and collaborative efforts towards creating an empowering and conducive environment for students planning their overseas education.

Setting the Stage for Future Collaborations

This groundbreaking event not only solidified the partnership between UniScholars and ObserveNow but also sparked further conversations between participating educational leaders with regards to future collaborations. It is expected to set a positive precedent that will inspire other academic and corporate entities to engage in constructive discourse for the betterment of the international study ecosystem.

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