Unconventional Study Destinations for Indian Students, Bypassing UK, US

February 26, 2024

Youth of India: Choosing the Road Less Traveled

Young Indians Seeking Education Abroad Look Beyond Traditional Destinations

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Source: ET Now

Uncharted Territories

In a demographic shift that is both surprising and eye-opening, young Indians seeking to study abroad are venturing off the traditional course. While countries like the US, UK, Australia, and Canada continue to draw in students with their high ranking universities and renowned courses, a steady oversea enrolment from India in other countries like Lithuania, Estonia, Chile, Turkey, Malta, Taiwan, and South Korea has been observed.

Motivations for the Shift

The factors contributing to this divergence are many. Students are becoming more discerning and looking beyond brand name universities for a holistic educational experience. Smaller countries offer a chance to breach new frontiers and provide a unique cultural experience that broadens their perspective. Such education and exposure foster a global mindset that is valued by employers worldwide. Furthermore, these less traditional countries also provide high-quality education, often at a fraction of the cost compared to their well-known counterparts.

Government Initiatives

Additionally, many of these countries have been proactively inviting international students. Government scholarships, courses in English, and relaxed student visa norms in these countries make it an attractive proposition. They also acknowledge the substantial contribution made by international students towards enhancing their socio-economic landscapes.

The Journey Ahead

This interesting trend underlines the fact that young Indians are open-minded, adaptable and willing to step out of their comfort zones. With the world increasingly becoming a global village and the barriers of language and geography fading away, the shift towards non-traditional destinations for international education is likely to continue. However, the key will lie in how these offbeat destinations sustain the initial intrigue and provide a consistent and fulfilling educational experience in the long run.

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