UK Immigration rules deter Indian students; consultants anticipate recovery

May 14, 2024

Expected Drop in Indian Student Enrollment for 2024 Due to Ban on Dependents: Gresham Global

Expected Drop in Indian Student Enrollment for 2024 Due to Ban on Dependents: Gresham Global

Study-abroad consultant Gresham Global has issued a solemn forecast, predicting that the newly implemented ban on dependents will lead to a 15-18 percent drop in the enrolment of Indian students for the September 2024 intake session.

The Impact of the Ban

The ban on dependents refers to the latest immigration policies that restrict foreign students from bringing their families along during the period of their study. This is perceived as a restraint, especially by Indian students who often bring along dependents during their overseas education. Gresham Global has stated that this barrier is anticipated to discourage a significant portion of potential enrollees.

Indian Students and Overseas Education

Indian students make a considerable contribution to international education, particularly in countries like the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia. They form a large portion of the international student body, infusing diversity and contributing to the academic and cultural landscape. A decrease in their enrolment can potentially disturb the equilibrium of the international student community.

Previous Trends and Predictions

Prior to the ban, overseas education had witnessed a steady growth in Indian student enrolment over the years. However, this abrupt change in policy has put a check on the promising upward trend. The estimated dip of 15-18 percent is alarmingly high and could result in a ripple effect, affecting educational institutions, economies and, most importantly, the academic and career prospects of many young Indian students.

Gresham Global's Advocacy

Gresham Global, a pioneer and leader in overseas education consultancy, has been at the forefront of advocating for student-friendly immigration policies. The organization believes that the ban could potentially deter students not just from India, but from other Asian countries as well, from seeking education abroad.


Gresham Global continues to lobby for more inclusive policies to ensure that promising students are not disadvantaged by such constraints. They pledge to continue their support for aspiring students and provide comprehensive guidance in navigating the changing landscape of overseas education.

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