Top 5 Emerging Study Abroad Destinations for Indian Students

January 4, 2024

Latest News: Top Emerging Study-Abroad Destinations for Indian Students

Indian Students Explore France, Germany, Dubai, Spain & Malta as Top Emerging Study-Abroad Destinations

The vast array of study opportunities across the globe has Indian students venturing off the beaten track and seeking knowledge in countries with more diversity and lesser explored education systems. With traditional study-abroad hubs like the U.S, UK, and Australia losing some traction, a number of emerging destinations are coming to the forefront. These include countries like France, Germany, Dubai, Spain, and Malta, known for their stellar education systems and enriched cultures.

Why France is all the rage?

Besides its romantic allure and rich culture, France’s advanced educational sector has been quite attractive to Indian students. French institutions offer a wide range of courses in English and have schools that specialise in varied fields such as fashion, engineering, business, and hospitality. Financially, it eases a foreigner's pocket too, because of its relatively lower tuition fees.

Germany- A blend of tradition and modernity

Germany has seen an upsurge in the intake of Indian students, primarily because of the curriculum offered to students. German universities are renowned for their research-based courses. Moreover, international students can work part-time while studying and have post-study job opportunities too, making it a favourable choice for many.

Dubai- Where tradition meets cosmopolitan lifestyle

Dubai’s booming economy and cosmopolitan lifestyle make its educational institutions a major draw for Indian students. Offering a wide array of courses from design to computer science, the universities here provide students a global platform and synonymous worldwide recognition.

Spain- Where language is not a barrier

Despite Spanish being the official language, many universities in Spain offer courses in English too, accommodating international students in the best possible way. Spain’s artistic spirit, coupled with its robust economy, is why many Indian students are exploring it as a prospective destination for advanced education.

Malta - An island with a rich history

Malta, with its unique combination of a multinational community, affordable cost of living and high-quality education, has become increasingly popular amongst Indian students seeking international exposure. Most of Malta’s universities offer scholarships and financial aid to international students, making it a viable choice.

As the world continues to globalise, the pursuit of education has spilled across geographical boundaries. These emerging destinations provide Indian students with a unique opportunity to mix with different cultures, experience world-class training, achieve valuable qualifications, make lifelong friends, and enhance their future prospects..

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