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May 16, 2024

East Asian Countries: Preferred Study Destination for Indian Students

Preferred Study Destination: East Asian countries attract Indian Students

Recent surveys indicate an upswing in interest among Indian students for world-class universities in Singapore, South Korea, and Japan - East Asian countries renowned for their innovative educational systems. The rise in students from India looking at these East Asian countries as prospective study abroad destinations has shown a discernible rise, thereby solidifying these countries’ overseas education market.

Reasons for the Student Influx

The primary reason seems to rest on the world-class universities these countries provide, accentuated by innovative modern infrastructure, robust faculty, and comprehensive courses. Universities such as National University of Singapore, University of Tokyo, and Seoul National University consistently rank high globally and offer a plethora of programs in a wide range of fields, thus catering to a broader base of international student queries and applications.

Additionally, the respective countries' rich culture, peaceful environment, and high living standards are some of the qualitative factors that add to the lure of these East Asian countries. Moreover, these countries also provide reasonably good part-time job opportunities for students, which aid in offsetting living expenses for the duration of their stay.

Strengthened Relationships

In addition to being attractive study destinations, these East Asian countries have traditionally maintained robust relations with India both economically and diplomatically. Hence, the surge in the number of Indian students choosing to study in Japan, South Korea, and Singapore is expected to fortify these relationships, cementing their importance in the Indian overseas education market.

While the United States and United Kingdom continue to be ever-popular destinations for Indian students, it's significant to note that East Asian countries are quickly catching up, offering alternatives with diverse environments and educational experiences that extend beyond the sphere of academics.

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