Study Permits to Indians Drop 86% Following Canada Row

January 17, 2024

Sharp Decrease in Study Permits Issued to Indian Students by Canada Amid Diplomatic Dispute

Canada's issuance of study permits to Indian students experienced a significant decline towards the end of last year. This steep drop can be attributed to India's expulsion of Canadian diplomats, who were responsible for the permit processing, and the decreased applications by the Indian students due to an ongoing diplomatic brouhaha.

The Canadian Diplomats' Ejection

In a move that raised international eyebrows, the Indian government ejected certain key Canadian diplomats from the country late last year. These diplomats were assigned with the role of processing study permits for Indian students looking to further their education in Canada. With a record number of Indian students seeking education overseas, particularly in countries like Canada, this has marked a significant shift in the trend.

Reduced Interest Amid Diplomatic Tensions

Another significant factor contributing to the drastic decrease was the dip in the number of applications from Indian students. This followed a diplomatic dispute between the two countries. As relations between Canada and India became tense, Indian students began to look at other countries for their overseas education.

Impact on International Education

The reduced number of study permits issued is likely to have an impact on the international education sector in Canada. Over the past few years, Indian students have made up a sizeable portion of international students in the country. The sudden decline could result in a potentially significant loss for Canadian universities and colleges, as well as for the broader economy. While Canada has always been a preferred destination for this demographic, this shift is indicative of what the changing geopolitics and international relations could mean for the future of higher education.

Looking Towards the Future

For now, it remains to be seen how both Canada and India will navigate the current diplomatic dispute to provide avenues for continued cross-cultural educational exchange. As previous trends suggest, interest could potentially rebound if diplomatic tensions are resolved. However, it also underscores the importance of diversifying international enrollment for Canadian educational institutions to secure against international politics and uncertainties.

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