Study Abroad Sector Set for Major Growth in India with 65% Youth Workforce

January 11, 2024

UniScholars Founder Anticipates Surge in Professionals and Students Opting for International Courses



According to UniScholars founder Amit Singh, there is likely to be a significant increase in the number of students and professionals pursuing international courses. These individuals are looking to upscale their knowledge and skill sets in a constantly changing global landscape.

Upscaling knowledge in a global world:

In the face of rapid globalization and shifting job market demands, many professionals and students have felt the need to improve their skills and competencies. Singh believes that international courses provide a unique opportunity to maintain competitive abilities. His prediction is based on the growing interest and activity he has seen at UniScholars, an educational platform that connects students from all over the world with international courses.

The trend of international education:

The trend of seeking international education isn't new, but it certainly seems to have gained more importance in recent years. The internet and digital media have made it possible for professionals and students to access a plethora of courses offered by prestigious universities, businesses, and organizations globally. The benefits of these courses are plenty - not only could they help individuals climb the ladder in their respective fields, but they provide exposure to global perspectives and practices, and elevate critical thinking.

The role of UniScholars:

As an intermediary, UniScholars plays an important role in the process of global education. It transports unique courses from across multiple countries right to the doorstep of learners, ensuring accessibility and flexibility. The organization has set a precedent in partnering with established academic and professional institutions, spotlighting their commitment to fostering a culture of lifelong learning.

In Singh's words:

"The potential acceleration in students' and professionals' opting for international courses reflects a larger shift in our attitudes towards education," says Singh. "Our world continues to become more interconnected, and as a result, we're seeing a greater emphasis on global competencies and cross-cultural understanding."

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