Six Indian Students Dead in US in a Month: Safety Concerns Raised

February 3, 2024

Sober Start to the Year for Indian Students in the U.S.: Multiple Deaths Reported

The US Indian student community began the year on a somber note, with at least six incidents of student deaths reported in the last few weeks. Among them was 19-year-old Shreyas Reddy Beniger, a student residing in Ohio, whose body was found last Thursday.

A Disturbing Series of Events

Since the start of 2022, Indian students in the US have been rocked by a series of disturbing incidents. These events have raised concerns amongst the Indian diaspora and local student communities alike, leading many to question the factors contributing to these tragic occurrences. However, as of now, the precise contexts and causes of these deaths have not been made public.

Shreyas Reddy Beniger: A Tragic Loss

A bright student from India, Shreyas Reddy Beniger, became the latest victim in this series of deaths, marking a tragic start to the year. A resident of Ohio, Beniger's body was discovered last Thursday. Regrettably, this unsettling news follows the pattern of several similar incidents from the preceding weeks.

Response from the Indian Community, Authorities

Unsurprisingly, the news of these incidents has been met with widespread shock and condolences. Representatives from the Indian Consulate and the local Indian communities in the US have expressed their deep regret and sympathy. They have also reassured that they are in constant contact with concerned authorities in the U.S., ensuring all possible measures are being taken to provide aid to distraught families and friends of the deceased, back home in India and in the US.

Looking Ahead

As the news of these unfortunate incidents reverberates across the Indian student community in the US, the call for mental health and safety aid has grown louder. There is an increasing demand for better safety measures on American campuses, along with accessible counseling and mental health support facilities for international students.

Meanwhile, investigations continue into the circumstances surrounding these tragedies as everyone awaits more clarity. This series of deaths, although undoubtedly heartbreaking, is prompting serious conversations in the Indian community about the necessity of robust welfare systems and support networks for Indian students studying abroad.


Remember, there is no problem that cannot be overcome. If you or someone else is in need, reach out to a friend, professor, or counselor. Numerous resources are also made available by the Indian Embassies for students studying abroad. Let's hold each other close and ensure we are there for people when they need us the most.

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