Rs 82-Lakh Scholarship for Indian Students’ Abroad Study, Starting Feb 6

February 3, 2024

Full Scholarships Cover Living Costs, Medical Expenses and One-Way Flight to Destination

Full Scholarships Now Covering Living Costs, Medical Expenses, and One-Way Flight Travel

The rising costs of education have long been a barrier for many students seeking higher education. However, recent scholarship programs have introduced an initiative to cover not just the tuition fees but comprehensive aspects of a student's life, including living and medical costs as well as a one-way flight to the destination of study.

New Horizons in Scholarships

Traditionally, scholarships would simply encompass tuition fees and, in some cases, accommodation costs. However, the modern complexities involved in studying, especially for international students, demand more substantial financial support. Recognizing this, some scholarship programs have broadened their scope to fully support students in their academic journey.

Comprehensive Financial Assistance

The new scholarship programs cover all facets of a student's life. The typical components such as tuition fees and book supplies are already included. However, the highlight of these scholarships is the introduction of living costs, medical costs and a one-way flight to the student's country of study as part of the financial aid package.

The Breakdown of Costs

Living costs encompass all the necessary expenses for accommodation, meals, and local transportation. The medical costs component of the scholarship is also groundbreaking. With this, students can avail themselves of insurance coverage or direct medical assistance, helping safeguard their health while studying. Finally, the one-way flight cost recognizes the financial burden of travel, particularly for those moving internationally for their studies.


With these scholarships taking a more comprehensive approach to cover the financial needs of students, more individuals will likely have access to higher education. This initiative is a significant step in breaking down economic barriers to education.

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