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January 22, 2024

15 Lakh Indian Students Studying Abroad as of January 2023

15 Lakh Indian Students Currently Pursuing Education Abroad as of January 2023, Says Ministry of External Affairs

Latest reports from the Ministry of External Affairs, India reveal a significant number of Indians are studying abroad. According to the data, as of January 2023, there were around 15 lakh Indian students advancing their education overseas.

Reflecting a Growing Trend

This number reflects the growing trend of Indian students seeking higher education opportunities in foreign countries. In recent years, western countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia, have been the top preferred destinations for these students. The reason attributed to this shift can be the high-quality education, research opportunities, and the lure of international exposure offered by these countries.

The Role of Government and Private Initiatives

The Indian government, along with several private initiatives, has been instrumental in providing resources and assists Indian students to study abroad. Scholarships, financial aids, student exchange programs, etc., are some of the initiatives that have helped facilitate this process for students of all socio-economic backgrounds. The Ministry of External Affairs, in particular, has been diligently working towards making this transition easier for Indian students.

The Impact on Indian Education

While on one hand, this trend reflects the desire of Indian students to broaden their horizon and gain international exposure, on the other hand, it also sheds light on the potential gaps in the Indian higher education system. The increasing number of students going abroad might be a concerning trend for the Indian higher education system that needs to reassess its policies and fill the existing gaps to stop the outflow of talent.

Future Projections

Although the current COVID-19 pandemic has had a temporary impact on the mobility of students, it's projected that the numbers will continue to grow post the pandemic. Higher education overseas is likely to remain an attractive option for Indian students, fuelled by the desire for quality education and lucrative job opportunities post-graduation.

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