Report: Decline in Indian Students Applying for Canadian Studies

January 8, 2024


Exploring the Dip in Indian Students Applying for Study Permits in Canada

The cost of living, housing crisis, and a challenging job market in Canada are seen as the fundamental reasons behind a significant decrease in study permit applications from Indian students, according to a recent report. Data compiled by Apply Board, a tech company based in Waterloo specializing in assisting international students with their applications for post-secondary studies abroad, reveals a shocking 40% drop in applications from India.

Steep Fall in Applications Amidst Economic Challenges

Based on the applications processed by the Canadian government from July to October 2022, there was a 40% decrease equivalent to almost 146,000 new study permit applications from Indian students. The findings emerged amidst specific economic challenges Canada faces, including an expensive housing market and a difficult job environment.

The Implications of Rising Living Expenses

As one of the most popular study destinations for international students, Canada has always been appealing due to the quality of its education and welcoming policies. However, the country's rising cost of living, coupled with the ongoing housing crisis, poses a significant challenge for students, especially those from India, who find it increasingly unaffordable to live and study there.

The Impact of Canada's Job Market

Apart from the cost of living, the job market's state has also been a substantially contributing factor. With the job market in a state of flux due to the ongoing global pandemic, it has been harder for international students to find part-time jobs to support themselves. This has led to many prospective students reconsidering Canada as their study destination.

A Glimpse of the Future

The implications of this decrease extend beyond the current situation. This downward trend in applications from India, one of the significant contributors to the international student population in Canada, could impact Canada's efforts to attract international students and maintain high-quality global education standards. It remains to be seen how Canada will address these issues to regain its popularity among Indian students.While Apply Board's report paints a sobering picture of the current situation, it is important to remember that these are historical data and cannot fully predict future trends. As Canada and the world at large navigate through the ripples of the pandemic, it remains to be seen how the student immigration landscape will transform. 

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