Recent Changes in Study Visas: Which Countries?

January 6, 2024

Significant Changes in Immigration Policies Across Multiple Countries, Including UK, Canada, Australia and France

Several influential nations, namely the United Kingdom (UK), Canada, Australia, France, and others, have recently implemented significant changes to their immigration policies. These modifications are set to essentially mould the existing landscape of global migration.

The United Kingdom's Skills-focused Immigration Policy

In response to its departure from the European Union (EU), the UK has introduced a points-based immigration system. This policy favours individuals who possess specific skills valued by the country's labour market. The selection system, which has come into effect from January 2021, aims to attract the "brightest and the best" from around the globe while controlling the number of lower-skilled migrants entering the country.

Canada’s Welcoming Stance on Immigrants

Despite the global pandemic, Canada has not wavered from its position of being one of the most welcoming nations for immigrants. The Canadian government has clarified that it aims to welcome over 400,000 immigrants annually to counteract its aging population and the related economic challenges. Their new immigration policies focus on inviting skilled workers, promoting family reunification, and accommodating refugees.

Australia Tightening its Border Controls

Contrary to Canada’s stance, Australia has tightened its border controls over the pandemic years. The new immigration policies in Australia focus on prioritising Australian workers and protecting vulnerable workers. However, there are still options for skilled individuals and businesses looking to relocate, especially in areas with a shortage of specific skills.

France Balancing Security With Inclusivity

France has seen a shift in its immigration policies following increasing concerns around security and national identity. While the French government has vowed to maintain the country's tradition of welcoming, it has also stressed the need for selective immigration. The focus of the changes will be on attracting talented foreign professionals while monitoring the influx of lower-skilled immigrants.

Experts advise those looking to migrate to any of these countries to do their due diligence and thoroughly research these changes to understand how it impacts their specific situation. You can check the complete list of changes in immigration policies here.

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