Macron: France aims to host 30K Indian students by 2030

January 26, 2024

France to Ease Visa Process for Former Indian Students: President Macron

France to Ease Visa Process for Former Indian Students: President Macron

In a recent announcement that has cheered the hearts of Indian professionals and students who have pursued education in France, the President of France, Emmanuel Macron has pledged to facilitate the visa process for them. Macron stated that the policy would greatly benefit any former Indian student who studied in France.

Strengthening Franco-Indian Relations

This announcement further strengthens the robust bilateral relations between India and France on multiple fronts including education, trade, and defence. The two nations have established a strong partnership pertaining to higher education with many Indian students choosing France for their further studies, particularly in areas like science, technology, engineering, mathematics, design, and fashion studies.

A Boon for Indian Students

Macron's announcement comes as a relief to many former Indian students who have studied in France and intend to work or resume their higher studies. It is expected to create numerous opportunities for these individuals by streamlining the visa process and removing the bureaucratic hassles associated with it.

Continued Commitment

This is not the first time that France has shown commitment to ease regulatory processes for Indian nationals. In 2019, France introduced a scheme allowing Indian students to stay back in the country for two to four years after completing their post-graduate studies. Macron's new announcement thus, underscores the country’s continuous commitment to facilitating a better educational and job environment for Indian students and professionals.

While specific details on how the process would be made smoother are still awaited, the global Indian student community, especially those who have studied or are currently studying in France have welcomed the announcement and look forward to more positive changes.

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