Internshala & iSchool Connect Hold Career & Education Fest in Bengaluru

May 20, 2024

Over 1500 Students Participate in Fest Organized by M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Management

The M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Management, a leading management institution in Bengaluru, hosted a large fest on May 12, 2024, attracting registrations from more than 1500 students across the city. Touted as one of the biggest events of its kind in southern India, it provided a platform for student networking, interactive learning, and cultural exchange.

Enthusiastic Participation Across the City

Bengaluru's student community turned up in large numbers for the fest at M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Management, known for its commitment to academic and extra-curricular excellence. The event aimed to cultivate an invigorating environment for knowledge sharing, critical discussion, and mutual growth among students from various institutions.

Rounds of Intellectual and Cultural Exchanges

The fest was a combination of intellectual and cultural events, promoting a diverse representation from multiple educational disciplines. From competitive debates, business simulations, and entrepreneurship pitches to performances in music, dance, and drama, the fest became a melting pot of idea and talent exchanges.

A Boost to the City's Educational Environment

Events like these enhance the city's educational environment, according to education experts. As the city is home to many top educational institutions, such fests foster a spirit of collaboration and competition among the institutions, enhancing the overall learning experiences of the students. Educational experts from across the country lauded the M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Management for its initiative to bring together students from different institutions in one platform.

A Fruitful Endeavour

The management and the students of the M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Management have expressed their satisfaction with the success of the fest. The institute believes that organising such expansive events helps broaden the horizons of their students, nurturing their organisational and networking skills alongside their academic prowess. They have also thanked all the participants for bringing their unique ideas and talents to the fest, making it a truly memorable event.


With more than 1500 students from Bengaluru taking part, the fest at the M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Management has set a new precedent for co-curricular engagement. Institutions from across the city are expected to follow suit, creating similar platforms for their students to showcase their talents and to learn from one another. This is indeed an exciting time for the educational landscape of Bengaluru, fostering a nurturing and vibrant atmosphere for its budding minds.

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