Indian Students Unyielding on Canada Plans Despite Intake Cap

January 24, 2024

Indian Students React to Housing Crisis in Canada

Indian Students in Canada Dispute Claims Linking Them to Housing Crisis

Indian students studying in Canada have voiced their concerns regarding the current housing crisis, fervently denying allegations that they are part of the problem. They state that international students are not the reason behind the escalation of prices in essential commodities and are urging the Canadian government to find a resolution for this pressing issue.

Ground Reality of Housing Prices and Indian Students

Recent studies and reports have indicated a steep increase in the prices of housing in Canadian cities such as Toronto and Vancouver. Various sectors suggest that the surge of international students, specifically from India, China, and other Asian countries, are a contributing factor. However, these Indian students, a significant portion of the immigrant population, refute these claims, saying that they are being unfairly scapegoated for an issue that is multifaceted and complex.

Why International Students Are Not to Blame

International students make up a large part of Canada's multicultural academic environment, contributing greatly to the economy. With limits on the number of hours they can work and the high cost of living, many are struggling to make ends meet. These students argue that it’s the failure of housing policies and rising inflation that are the root cause of the current situation and not the influx of foreign students.

The Call for Canadian Government Action

Indian students and other international scholars are calling on the Canadian government to address the soaring prices of essentials, seeking relief from the economic pressure. It’s imperative, according to them, for the government to implement effective strategies that would protect both local and foreign residents from excessive living costs.

Reaction from the Officials

The government has yet to respond to the students’ appeal. However, it is evident that this issue, whether directly related to the influx of international students or not, has its roots in larger economic and policy concerns that need addressing.

The significant rise in essential commodities’ prices has sparked conversations beyond student communities as it significantly affects all Canadian residents. Future actions by the government to tackle this issue are awaited by residents and international students alike.

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