Indian Students’ Safety in USA: 6 Major Challenges Explored

February 7, 2024

Study Abroad News: Major Challenges Faced By Indian Students In The USA

Major Challenges and Safety Concerns for Indian Students Studying Abroad in the USA

Indian students constitute a significant percentage of the international student population in the United States. They are known for their strong academic aspirations and cultural richness, as they travel halfway across the world to pursue diverse fields of study. However, like any international student, they are faced with a spectrum of challenges transcending cultural shock and homesickness. The latest trends reveal that Indian students are also increasingly concerned about safety issues while studying overseas.

Academic Challenges

One of the commonly observed hurdles faced by Indian students is adapting to the American education system. Course structures, grading methods, style of teaching, and even the academic language can differ significantly. Majority of Indian students come from an academic background where rote learning and examination-oriented studies are emphasized. On the contrary, the American system requires more practical and application-based learning which could be a major shift.

Cultural Differences and Social Integrations

Crossing borders to study entails managing a cultural shift that most Indian students find challenging initially. Customs, norms, and social protocols in the USA significantly differ from those in India. These cultural differences may result in feelings of alienation and homesickness. Moreover, many Indian students face language barriers and are targets of stereo-typification, leading to social anxiety and slower integration.

Financial Difficulties

The relative value of the dollar to the rupee and the general cost of living in the USA makes the financial management a significant concern for Indian students. Furthermore, complexities related to student visas often limit their ability to work off-campus, making it difficult for them to manage their expenses effectively.

Safety Concerns

With increasing incidents of xenophobia, racism, and hate crimes in different parts of the world, safety has transformed into a significant worry for Indian students studying in the USA. Many Indian students report a sense of insecurity fuelled by such occurrences, creating a negative impact on their overall studying abroad experience.

To combat these challenges, Indian students are encouraged to research extensively about the American university and culture they intend to join. Universities themselves are taking considerable steps to ensure that their campuses are diverse and inclusive thereby mitigating some of these challenges. However, the impetus lies on the larger society as well to foster an environment of acceptance and security for these ambitious individuals who cross borders to fulfil their academic aspirations.

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