Indian Students Increasingly Opting For Unconventional Study Locations

February 22, 2024

Indian Students Prefer Offbeat Study Destinations for Higher Education Abroad

Indian Students Favoring Unconventional Study Locations for Higher Education Abroad

In a departure from the usual trend, Indian students who aspire to study abroad are increasingly opting for 'offbeat' or unconventional destinations. A significant number of students are now seeking educational opportunities in countries beyond the traditional big three: the US, UK, and Australia.

Growing Preference for Alternative Study Destinations

The change in preference for study destinations is attributed to a variety of reasons. Primarily, the escalating cost of education in the traditional countries is a key factor pushing students to explore options elsewhere. Additionally, stricter immigration policies and the unpredictable political climate in these countries is also pushing students towards alternative destinations.

Exploring the Reasons Behind the Shift

Many students are intrigued by the unique lifestyle, culture, and opportunities that alternative locations offer. Countries like Germany, Canada, Singapore, France, and New Zealand are emerging as preferred choices due to their friendly post-study work rights and immigration policies, affordable, high-quality education and better living standards. Particularly, Germany is favored for its practically free education and robust job market, especially in the field of Engineering and IT.

The UK’s Brexit decision and the US's changing immigration policies have also contributed to the shift, leading students to feel safer and more welcome in other countries. Furthermore, the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has also influenced students’s decision in choosing a country which managed the crisis well.

Advantages of Alternative Study Locations

In addition to lower tuition fees and living costs, these alternative destinations offer a host of other advantages. A multi-cultural environment, innovative teaching methods, smaller class sizes, and extensive research opportunities are some of the appealing aspects of these locations.

Most importantly, these countries offer opportunities for internships and work placements, and a faster pathway to work rights after graduation. This helps the students gain a global work experience and broadens their professional horizons.

As the trend continues to evolve, more students are expected to opt for these alternative nations for their higher education, thus reshaping the global education landscape.

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