Indian Students Benefit as Dartmouth College Reinstates SAT

February 6, 2024

Dartmouth Continues Standardized Testing As a Critical Element of Undergraduate Applications

Dartmouth Confirms Standardised Testing Remains a "Valuable Element" of Undergraduate Application Process

In a recent development from Dartmouth College, a prestigious and highly competitive Ivy League institution, President Sian Beilock has confirmed that standardised testing will continue to be a beneficial component of their undergraduate application process.

New Research Study Bolsters Decision

This decision comes in the wake of a comprehensive research study that was commissioned by President Sian Beilock herself. This study was conducted by a team of well-respected economists from Dartmouth's own faculty, bringing a high level of academic rigor to the findings.

The Dartmouth economists have unequivocally concluded that standardized testing remains a "valuable element of Dartmouth's undergraduate applications". This statement directly contradicts a growing trend in American higher education towards test-optional admissions policies.

The Debate Surrounding Standardized Testing

The role of standardised testing in college admissions has been a subject of increased scrutiny over the past few years. Critics argue that these tests, including the SAT and ACT, perpetuate inequalities in higher education by disproportionately favoring affluent students who have greater access to test preparation resources. However, proponents suggest that they provide a valuable framework for comparing students across disparate schooling contexts.

Dartmouth’s Stance Amidst Controversy

Despite the controversy and changes in approach by other universities, Dartmouth's recent decision goes to show that, at least in their view, standardized testing continues to hold significant merit within the application process. It’s an evaluation tool that, according to their recent study, provides a valuable snapshot of a student's potential for academic success.

While this may increase the pressure on prospective applicants, it also underscores Dartmouth's commitment to rigorous academic standards and the continued value they place on standardized test scores as one of the multiple aspects that contribute to their comprehensive view of applicants’ potential.

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