Impact of UK’s New Overseas Student Rules on Indians

January 3, 2024

Latest Update: International Students in UK Facing Stricter Rules

International Students in UK Facing Stricter Visa Rules: Potential Mental Health Impact Forewarned

In the latest update, international students in the UK will be subject to new, stricter rules surrounding their visa regulations. Specifically, these students are no longer allowed to bring their dependants to the UK. The only exceptions to this rule are those who are currently pursuing postgraduate research courses or are on government-funded scholarships.

New Rules on Switching to Work Route

Furthermore, another added regulation focuses on the constraints of switching to the work route. According to the new rules, international students who are in the UK on visas can only switch to the work route once they have fully completed their studies. This change further tightens the regulations around visa norms, posing additional hurdles for international students in the country.

Concerns Surrounding Mental Health Impact

As these stricter regulations come into play, many experts in the field are raising concerns about their potential negative impact on the mental health of international students. They argue that the new rules potentially compound stress, isolation, and financial pressures already quite prevalent amongst international student populations.

The prevention of the possibility for students to bring their dependants along could further fuel feelings of loneliness and homesickness, whilst the revised regulations for changing to the work route could potentially lead to additional anxieties surrounding job prospects post-study.


Further discussions around these revised regulations are necessary to ensure that UK still remains an attractive destination for international students and that their emotional and mental well-being is adequately catered to. The stringent visa policies have the potential to significantly shape the experience of international students studying in the UK, with long-lasting impacts on their mental health.

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