Dubai CEO Tells Students to Pick Universities with Fewer Indians: Reasons

May 16, 2024

Exploring Perspectives: Studying Abroad Vs Staying Home

The discussion around studying abroad versus staying indigenous continues to provoke varied perceptions. An unconventional perspective came to the forefront when it was professed that "students wanting to 'feel at home' while studying abroad, should not leave India in the first place."

Comfort of Home, Away from Home

The idea of 'feeling at home' while studying in an international institution away from one's home country, especially India, sounds paradoxical to many. It is generally opined that to fully immerse oneself in the experience of gaining global exposure, students should be prepared for an inevitable cultural shift. This perspective seems to suggest that students wishing for a degree of comfort, similar to what they would experience in India, might be better off staying within the country itself.

The Value of International Education

International education is often lauded for its ability to provide students with a global perspective while enhancing their adaptability, independence, and personal growth. This unconventional view does not necessarily devalue the worth of studying abroad, but rather, draws attention to the psychological preparedness required for such an endeavor. Embracing, adapting, and thriving in a new culture are the pillars of soaking in the full essence of an overseas education.

The Indian Education Landscape

Through its rapidly evolving educational sector, India is scaling up to provide world-class education institutions which aim to rival the reputation of established global universities. A multitude of students opt to study in Indian institutions banking on top-notch education quality in sync with cultural familiarity. This can indeed provide a comfortable learning environment for those who are not seeking the transformative experiences typically associated with studying abroad.

Choosing what's Best for You

While the dilemma of studying at home or choosing an international destination will continue to exist, the decision essentially boils down to the unique preferences, aspirations, and comfort levels of individual students. With an open mind and a willing heart to adapt and grow, the world can truly become one's oyster. Conversely, those cherishing familiarity and domestic comfort could very well find the best of education at home, within India's burgeoning realm of academics.

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