Does Canada Exploit Indian Students?

January 19, 2024

Dwindling Indian Applications Predict End of Canada's Foreign Student Boom

Dwindling Indian Applications Predict End of Canada's Foreign Student Boom

Recent reports reveal that Canada’s boom in foreign students appears to be coming to an end. The significant cause of this decline is marked by a reduction in the number of applications from India, one of the most significant contributors to Canada's international student population.

The Cause of the Reduction: Why Are Indian Students Opting Out?

For the past few years, the number of Indian students enrolled in Canadian institutions has surged dramatically, contributing significantly to the country's international student boom. But the lure of Canadian education appears to be losing its appeal with Indian students, as attested to by a noticeable decline in applications. Factors such as high costs of living, stiff international tuition fees, and the post-COVID-19 uncertainty could be making Indian students reconsider studying abroad.

The Impact of Shrinking Applications on the Canadian Economy

The fewer number of Indian students means not only a decline in diversity on Canadian campuses but also significant ramifications for the country's economy as a whole. Foreign students have been a considerable boon to Canada's economy, an estimated contribution of nearly 22 billion CAD annually. A significant share of this comes from students from India, constituting almost one-third of the total foreign student population.

The Reigning Uncertainty: Looking Forward

While the reasons behind the decline are not fully understood, it seems apparent that the phenomenon will not be temporary. It remains to be seen whether Canada can arrest this downward trend or if this is a harbinger of a longer-term downturn in international student enrollment. As the landscape of international education continues to evolve, Canadian universities will need to reassess their strategies and solutions to cater to the changing demands and challenges faced by foreign students.

With the global health crisis still significantly affecting international travel and study plans, it remains unclear what the future holds for foreign student enrollment in Canada. The impact of shifting student demographics will undoubtedly continue to reverberate through universities and the broader economy long after the current crisis has passed.

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