403 Indians Died Studying Abroad Since 2018, Most in Canada: Jaishankar

February 3, 2024

Over 400 Indian students' deaths reported abroad since 2018, Canada tops the list

In a startling revelation, the Government of India informed the Lok Sabha on Friday that there have been a whopping 403 reported incidents of deaths of Indian students studying abroad since 2018. These demises took place due to an array of reasons, from accidents and medical conditions to natural causes. Canada has been observed to be the country with the highest count, accounting for 91 cases, followed by the UK with 48 cases.

Reasons behind Deaths

The government stated that the causes of these deaths have been widely disparate. Some incidents have been because of unfortunate accidents, while others are due to underlying medical conditions. Natural deaths were also recorded. The practical difficulties involved in living in a foreign environment are not to be ignored either. Factors like adaptation to unfamiliar food habits, extreme climatic conditions, and the stresses of academic pressure can also contribute to such untoward incidents.

A Closer Look at the Numbers

Canada, which is a popular destination for thousands of Indian students seeking internationally acclaimed education every year, tops the list of recorded deaths. Of the total 403 cases, 91 deaths – that is almost 23% — were in Canada. The United Kingdom sees an approximately similar influx of Indian students annually and shockingly follows closely behind Canada with 48 recorded deaths since 2018.

The Government Response

In response to these distressing figures, the Indian government has initiated strategic efforts in coordinating with Indian embassies and consulates in various countries. Special attention is provided to the countries reflecting higher numbers of such cases. The government aims to ensure that all possible assistance is extended to Indian students’ welfare overseas and that emergency services are provided promptly.

Call for Collective Responsibility and Monitoring

These statistics underscore the importance of student safety in international destinations. It calls for a collective responsibility – the government, diplomatic envoys, the local Indian community overseas, the universities, and the students themselves need to contribute proactively to this matter. There should be a robust system to monitor the health and welfare of these students and ensure that timely help is available when needed, as they carry the enormous responsibility of shining India’s name in global academics.


The death of Indian students abroad is a serious issue that requires immediate attention. These rising numbers shed light on the challenges Indian students might face while studying abroad. The government’s immediate attention and subsequent measures will be crucial in reducing these figures in the coming years and ensuring the safety and well-being of Indian students worldwide.

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