2023 Study: 46% of Tech/Engineering Study Abroad Aspirants Choose Software/IT

December 20, 2023


Technology-focused areas of study trending among Nepalese, Indian, and Sri Lankan Students

The latest article from ApplyBoard brings to light an interesting trend in South Asia. An increasing number of students from Nepal, India, and Sri Lanka are showing interest in technology-focused areas of study over traditional fields. This inclination is more prevalent than the global average across all markets. has published the detailed report.

Highlighting the Statistics

The ApplyBoard article provides compelling statistics that show 60.1% of students from Nepal, 50.7% from India, and 50.1% from Sri Lanka are leaning toward technology-oriented areas of study. This inclination is significantly higher compared to the all-markets average. The report highlights the increasing demand from these countries for curriculum related to Information Technology, Engineering, Computer Science, etc.

The Influence of Digital Transformation

The shift in preference can be attributed to the global trend of digital transformation that is restructuring economy and job markets around the world. Many countries are increasingly recognizing the importance of technology-forward education in preparing the young generation for future demands. As part of this global shift, South Asian students are looking to enhance their skills and meet the demands of the evolving global job market.

Implications for Higher Education Institutions

The growing popularity of technology-based courses among students from these countries implies the need for institutions globally to revamp their curriculum. Technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, and cloud computing are becoming integral part of various industries. Higher education institutions thus need to consider incorporating these areas in their curriculum to attract international students.

A Potential Catalyst for Economic Development

South Asia, being one of the fastest-growing regions in the world, has a massive potential to leverage this talent pool. The rising interest in technology studies could be a key driver for economic development, given its significance in the evolving global economy. The shift could potentially lead to technological advancements, job creation, and a shift towards digital economies in these nations. 

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