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  • Affordable destination for international studentsIf you are looking for a place to grow personally and gain more confidence by meeting and spending time with people of different cultures, then Italy is the best destination. You will get all the benefits of studying abroad like international exposure, best education and opportunity to see and enjoy some of the most popular attractions in the world. At the same time, you do not have to worry about the costs. Both the living expense as well as the tuition fees are pretty lower compared to the other counterparts of Europe. Therefore, students can enjoy all the privileges at an affordable cost.
    Average tuition fees for any type of degree ranges from 850 – 1000 euro/year
    Living expenses are in the range of 750 – 1250 euro/month for food, accommodation, fun and transportation.
  • Universities with impressive international environmentIn most of the universities, you will see a blend of different cultures. This gives you the best chance to grow personally and also the education there is of high standard. Some of the top universities are from Italy. Hence, if you are looking for a place to enjoy and study at the same time, then go for Italy. Because universities in Italy offer both as the country is immersed in history, fashion and architecture. Bologna University in Italy marks the origin of current western higher education system in Europe and this is the oldest university in Europe. It is also ranked as top university which welcomes a lot of Erasmus students.
  • You can learn a new languageItalians are very friendly in nature. And Italy is a vibrant and colorful city with plenty of festivals. Italy is always active with all places filled with people whether its day or night. So you get the perfect chance to learn and become fluent in Italian. You can live like a native there with the locals. Therefore, it is a perfect opportunity to get an international exposure as well as to learn a foreign language.
  • English – taught degrees to choose fromEven though Italian is the official language, there are plenty of programs in English especially meant for international students. It is totally irrelevant what you want to study. Because you will find almost every course there.
  • Mind blowing cultural experiencesItaly is a country fully immersed in art, history and fashion. Colosseum in Rome, Amalfi coast, Piazza San Marco, La Pelosa are just a few of the famous attractions of Italy. Italy is a country with most number of UNESCO world heritage sites.
    Its great cities of art like Rome, Venice and Florence are world famous and have been attracting visitors for centuries. Besides its art treasures Italy also features beautiful coasts, alpine lakes and mountains. No wonder it is often nicknamed the Bel Paese (beautiful country).

Italy is a great country to study with lot of different courses to choose from at an affordable cost. Italy is home to the oldest university of Europe, namely University of Bologna. There are plenty of programs in both bachelor’s and master’s level for the international students to pick and which are also taught in English.
When you talk about Italy, there is no way you can separate its multi-cultural ambience from the education. Because it is a country immersed in cultural diversity. It is a great privilege for international students to enjoy the colorful and vibrant along with their studies. Therefore, there is no wonder why Italy is an attractive destination for international students.

Some of the popular study options in Italy are:

  • Economics
  • Area and Cultural Studies
  • Architecture
  • International Relations
  • Fashion Design
  • Business Administration

There is also a huge list of top-rated universities in Italy.
Some of the highly recommended universities for international students are:

  • Free University of Bozen-Bolzano
  • IULM University – Milan
  • Rome Business School
  • MIP Politecnico di Milano
  • Domus Academy
  • SDA Bocconi School Of Management

The application process in Italy is a little bit complicated. You have to first contact the university you are interested in with your documents to check if you are eligible for the program or not. They will do a preliminary assessment and gives you feedback about your eligibility.
If you are confirmed as eligible, you have to submit a pre-application request at the Italian Embassy or Consulate in India. Because they are the ones who will carry on the processing further.
By the end of August, students can find a list of candidates admitted to the universities on the embassy’s or consulate’s page.

Some of the documents required for supporting your application are:

  • Your ID
  • Passport-size photograph
  • CV
  • Academic certificates
  • Letter of motivation
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • A detailed description of study program or curriculum which contains subjects and hours spend
  • University Application form
  • Language proficiency certificates
  • Your portfolio if you are applying for architecture, urban planning and design programs
  • Official SAT or ACT scores

You can prove your language proficiency by providing following certificates:

  • Cambridge

No words are enough to describe the beauty of Italy. It’s there in every nook and corner of Italy. As a student, you will get a golden chance to enjoy the scenic nature and culture. But it would be a little helpful if know the basics of Italian. Because not all of them will be fluent in English. But they are very friendly and charming always. So there is no doubt that your life as a student is going to be a memorable, fun-filled, colorful journey.
Considering the costs, Italy will again surprise you with its low tuition fees and living expenses. Still, you have the chance to apply for scholarships like ERASMUS or private scholarships.

Average tuition fees in a public university is around 850 – 1000 euro/year
Average tuition fees in a private university is around 6000 – 20,000 euro/year
This is just an average case. This will highly vary on your program, university and level.
Italy is the only country with such a low living expense.

Adding accommodation, transportation, food, and entertainment, a student can live on 1.000 EUR / month quite luxuriously – and that’s for Milan and Rome, two of the biggest cities in Italy.
For cities like Bologna, Bolzano, and Florence, expenses may come between 650 and 800 EUR / month.

To get a better picture, you should know that some of the prices you will find in shops and restaurants are:

  • A loaf of bread: 1.5 EUR;
  • A meal in a restaurant: 15 EUR;
  • A one-way ticket for local transportation is 1.5 EUR;
  • Rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the center is 550 EUR.

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