Health sector in Germany is one of the sectors which severely suffer from the shortage of skilled employees. Germany is also numbered as one among the highly paying country for nurses. This makes the perfect opportunity for experienced nurses in India to pursue their career in an established country like India. As the health care system and regulations in India is different from Germany, they also provide specially designed adaptation programs for acquiring the skills needed for working as a nurse in Germany.

Benefits of working as nurse in Germany

  • Directly getting placed in a hospital or elder care homes with an unlimited contract or at least of 3 years
  • Successful completion of nursing adaptation program makes your nursing degree comparable to any other European country
  • High salary
  • Ability to bring your spouse and children after 3 months of starting your career and getting full assistance in settling your family in Germany

What else could you ask for? As you can see, working as a nurse in Germany can totally take your life including your family to a whole new level.

Who can apply for adaptation programs?

  • Successful completion of BSc. Nursing with a duration of not less than 4 years
  • Minimum 3 years of work experience in the same field
  • No older than 48 years old

How the process works

  1. You start by applying for the adaptation program which means sending your documents to Germany. Since degree in India is not equivalent to German degree, it has to be officially recognized by a government authority in Germany.
  2. You will be applying for type D visa which means you need a work contract for applying at the embassy. You will be given a work contract before you even apply at the embassy from Germany.
  3. Once you reach in Germany, adaptation program starts. This will include both German language coaching and theory as well as practical sessions necessary for your career. Course is free and you will be paid an amount of 1000 euros per month from which your accommodation costs will be deducted.
  4. After successful completion of course and exams, you will be working in the beginning for a period of 6 months as an assistant to get used to German system. You will also get a salary of 1000 euros per month during this period.
  5. After successfully passing the period as assistant, you can start working in your 3 year contract as a specialist nurse. Your salary will be in the range of 1500 – 2000 euros. After 3 months of working in this contract, you can bring your family to Germany as well.


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