Cover Letters

It is mandatory for a person to submit a cover letter along with their application and supporting documents no matter what type of visa and which embassy you are applying for.Because cover letter is a 2 page document which describes in detail your intention of visiting a particular country, your daily plans for the whole duration of your stay, how you financially support your stay etc. Ina nutshell, it is a document which must convey properly your intentions, reasons and eligibility to apply for a particular visa. Now you might have understood the relevance of a cover letter. If you are still thinking why a 2-page document is playing a vital role,it is because the officers at the embassy who has to evaluate your documents do not get a chance to speak to you in person. Even though you have provided all the necessary documents in a proper way, what they also need is to understand you as a person and your intentions in order to approve your visa. Because they are responsible if they let go an incorrect person with negative intentions. For this same reason, they have to follow strict rules to arrive at a decision. So, a cover letter gives you a golden chance to speak to your officer and connect with him emotionally to reveal your intentions and build up trust which will result in a favorable reply for your application. How to write a cover letter is a fuzzy question. Because it depends on the type of visa you are applying and your background. Your cover letter cannot be the same as anyone else’s. Because no two individuals are same. We can help you in preparing a specific and effective cover letter for your application depending on your situation.


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It is extremely simple. All you need is to share your information with us and we will write a compelling cover letter for your visa. We provide services for all countries and all types of visas. Cover letters can be for tourist visas, medical visas or business visas. Depending on your application, we make 100% original and authentic cover letter for your visa application. Because the way you present  yourself through your cover letter matters a lot while your documents are evaluated. And if it is not your cup of tea, it is totally okay. Not everyone will be familiar with the style of writing a cover letter. It could be totally confusing and challenging to write one to convince the visa officers. Therefore, our professional writers will help you to write one with very less time and convincing. Our writers are well-versed with formal way of writing and strategic in planning content relevant for the purpose.We provide writing services for all types of cover letters. In addition to that, it is quite natural for visa officers to ask for additional documents depending on the individuals. Some of the very common letters are Apology letters, permission letters or any letters stating any particular reason relevant for your application. We also assist in writing any such letter based on your needs.