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  • Creativity is centralSweden does not follow spoon feeding model. Each student is allowed to think independently and make a difference while studying itself. Swedes are well known for their ability to treat everyone equally. Therefore, your opinions are heard no matter what. This is also a reason why Sweden is ranked among world’s most innovative nations. They do not follow the idea that classroom teaching is the way to make students learn and master. Rather, they follow a more unconventional method of letting students free to think and approach problems in their own perspective. This opens up new dimensions for each problem and unique solutions sometimes even leading to some of world’s most famous inventions. Sweden is a leader in innovation and it includes seat belt, pace maker, Spotify, skype etc.
  • Great quality of educationSweden has a long and proud history of academic excellence. This young, urban country is home to many top listed universities. They believe in future and is highly focused on molding generations with critical and deep problem solving skills. Swedes invest a lot in research and this also explains that most of the professors in the universities are well experienced and experts in their own field. Universities with A – level infrastructure and professors with mastery a key skill cannot offer anything less than the best.
  • Learn skills for a global careerIf you have read all the points above, this one does not require any explanation at all. Because right from the university you start looking at the world with a problem solver’s mind and you start tackling problems independently. You learn to develop solutions in your own way to answer them. On top of that, most of the education programs come with the opportunity to do an internship while studying. This will give you a real world experience, get to know top performers in your field, network with your potential companies and leaders.There is no wonder why Sweden is home to a lot of cool, fresh and popular multi-cultural companies like IKEA, H&M etc.
  • Environmental sustainability is prime concernStudying in Sweden is not about just your university or your course or job potential. It is also about the environment you live in. When it is clearly evident and proven that Sweden can provide the best education possible, it is good to know that they have a keen interest in keeping their environment as greener and as purer as it can be. Sweden is named as the most sustainable country in the world for using renewable energy. This means that you are getting a combo of best education and clean environment.
  • Programs taught in EnglishEven though Swedish is the official language of Sweden, majority of citizens speak English well. There are also plenty of programs in masters and bachelors level taught in English. And there is a huge list of courses and universities to choose from. You do not have to worry about the Swedish at all as your life inside and outside the university goes smoothly with English.
  • Affordable tuition fees and living expensesStudying is Sweden is not free. But it is not expensive as well. Each university has its own fees structure and it might differ from each other. Even though the average fee for a master’s program in USD is 14,500 per year. The bachelor’s programs are generally less expensive.

For an idea of the range of tuition fees for various subjects, have a look at these figures.

  • Social Sciences and Humanities: USD 9,000 – 12,500/year
  • Engineering, Computer Science, and Natural Sciences: USD 13,500 – 16,000/year
  • Architecture and Design: USD 21,500 – 30,500 /year

An average monthly student budget is about USD 900 per month. Of course, your costs will vary depending on where you live and your personal preferences.
The university application fee is $100.
You can also apply for plenty of scholarships provided by the government for international students which will further reduce your expenses.

Sweden is a very special country in Europe with its own unique contributions to all the sectors in the world. But what makes Sweden an attractive destination for internationals is the innovative and creative learning methods and easiness to find jobs in the market. You can survive in Sweden with English itself. Sweden is always waiting for innovative minds to make their contributions to the society. Realizing the fact that the only way to advance is to follow the unconventional, they are highly focused on allowing students to think independently and be creative.

Sweden offers a lot of programs in different fields, there are some of them that has strongly attracted the internationals. They are:

  • Computer Science
  • Engineering
  • Arts
  • Environmental Science
  • Cultural studies

Sweden is also known for some of the top rated universities in the wolrld.

  • Uppsala University
  • KTH Royal Institute of Technology
  • University of Gothenburg
  • Chalmers University of Technology
  • Linköping University

In Sweden, applications to Bachelor and Master Programs are send to one application portal for international students called

Some of the general documents needed for applying to universities are:

  • Passport copy
  • Higher secondary education details
  • Bachelor degree certificates/transcripts authorized by the university attended
  • Proof of English language proficiency – IELTS(Score not less than 6.5)/TOEFL(Score not less than 90)
  • Motivation letter
  • Letter of recommendation from professors
  • Academic writing samples
  • CV

Universities can always ask for additional documents if necessary.

Students in Sweden have plenty of options to spend their leisure time. Starting from the social events organized by the campus to wide range of outdoor activities, students can do a lot os activities.
Many universities also offer clubs and pubs on and around campus. There are plenty of bars too. So you can get the best out of a night life too.
Cities offer various restaurants to enjoy, museums to see, concerts to attend. You can do a lot of outdoor activities like Hiking, cross-country and downhill skiing.
Living costs are not so low. But, here, paying more really means getting more back, in terms of quality of life. The monthly student budget here is around 950 – 1,200 EUR/month out of which some of the most common expenses are:

  • Monthly shopping cart: 210 EUR;
  • A meal at an affordable restaurant: 10 EUR;
  • A beer: 6 EUR;
  • Monthly transport pass: 80 EUR;
  • Monthly rent starts at 500 EUR for a one-bedroom apartment;
  • The average salary in Sweden: 2,100 EUR/month.

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